What do you get with Muscles in Minutes?

  • There are 10 videos in the series…something for every area you want to target!
  • No time? Unpredictable schedule? Use short workouts (all 12 minutes or less) that get results or combine videos when you have more time!
  • No major space needs!
  • Minor equipment and you’ve got a home gym and a private trainer! (three pairs of weights, a ball and a little floor space is all you need)
  • Available as a membership site where you can access all videos (and download) any time!
  • Science-proven workouts that increase metabolism, boost bone density, and create lean muscle definition safely
  • Your trainer has 32 years of experience, is a Boomer, and “gets you”
  • I do every single exercise with you.


I am ready to feel good and look great!


The 10 Videos In the Muscles in Minutes Series:

  • Start Here – shares what you need to get started and how to pick the right resistance
  • Full Body – gets you a full body workout in 10 minutes
  • Progressing – shares how to progress so you get stronger wisely, get and keep fit
  • Upper Body – features all your waist-up muscles
  • Legs – pairs beautifully with the upper body video or other videos if you want to spend more time
  • Chest – tone, define and lift your chest
  • Back – watch your posture and confidence soar with this better-back video
  • Shoulders – define your shoulders and avoid injuries with safe strength
  • Arms – tone and tighten for unapologetic sleeveless-worthy strength
  • Core – finish your workouts off choosing from two sets of core exercises

Plus… Complete your fitness package… with the Mobility and Boxing bundle

You can add this bundle to your Muscles in Minutes set for these benefits:

  • Mobility and flexibility to move better
  • Reduced neck and upper back tension
  • Intervals for enhanced fat burning
  • Optimal hormone balance
  • High intensity without high impact (your knees will love it)
  • Amazing arm- toning moves (bat wings look out)

Here’s what’s included in your Mobility & Boxing bundle:

  • Three mobility videos
  • One mobility video specifically for chronic neck tension
  • Two brief boxing how-to get started videos
  • Boxing intervals instructional video
  • Easy-to-follow, no-experience needed videos
  • Simple at-home or travel exercises

NOTE: These are digital products. Nothing will be mailed. You’ll have access to a membership site where you can watch online and download to your devices, so it’s versatile!

Resistance training with consistency is a girl’s best friend. Nothing will tone you, tighten you, and make you feel better and fitter faster than resistance training. Let’s start flipping 50 together!

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