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A collection of “bite-sized” workouts to fit in whenever you like to help you get results conveniently!

10 Workout Sessions on Demand

Choose the workout that fits into your schedule. Workouts are 12 minutes or less—do one or combine several to fit your day!

Science-Proven Workouts for Results

My workouts are chosen and organized specifically for increasing metabolism, boosting bone density and creating lean muscle safely.

A Variety of Workouts + VIP Add-On Bundle

I’ve created a series of workouts that focus on different aspects of your body. PLUS, you can get my BONUS Mobility and Boxing Bundle to offer additional variety and enhanced fat burning.

“These are perfect for busy days when I have 10 minutes here and there but not 30 or an hour! I’m finally able to fit it in and I’m lifting weights after using time as an excuse for a few years!”
– Theresa, 58
Debra Atkinson

Here Are the 10 Workouts Included In Muscles In Minutes:

Plus..an opportunity to complete your package with these ADD-ONs:

You can add this bundle to your Muscles in Minutes set for these benefits:

Here’s what’s included in your Mobility & Boxing bundle:

NOTE: These are digital products. Nothing will be mailed. You’ll have access to a membership site where you can watch online and download to your devices, so it’s versatile!

Guarantee Seal

Why not? You’ve got nothing to lose.

Refunds are offered. However, to qualify for a refund, certain conditions must be met:

My goal is to hold you accountable. I work to help you find time. I also work to help you understand how little time it takes, when you know what to do. Know that lack of time or use of the program is exactly the reason to choose this item. Simply not using Muscles In Minutes does not qualify as a reason for a refund.

We fully test our products. That said, we can’t be your technology support. If you’re having issues, we’ll try to help where we can. We’ve made it as simple as possible to log in, click play, and start flipping 50’s Muscles In Minutes. You may download the training and videos to your device. All of the videos in this program are available for download.

Please be sure you know how to download, or that you will have support to download videos/PDFs (if that’s your intention).

You will learn techniques and exercise corrections that make exercise safer, simplified, and will help you fit this into your schedule. If that’s not the case for you after 1 month of use of these techniques, please reach out. If you’ve not seen any progress after fully implementing the videos on a regular basis (at least twice a week) for a month, please let us know. My goal is to get you the results you want for your life.

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Learn how to measure!

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how to measure
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how to measure

Circumference outside of both arms, at the armpit

Right Triceps
Halfway btwn shoulder & elbow, arm extended.

Find the widest point of girth at the hips

Right Thigh
Standing with weight on both legs, measure halfway between knee cap and hip flexor

Right Calf
Standing with weight on both legs, find the largest point of calf.

how to measure woman outline

Measure from the rib cage just under breasts at bra line

At the belly button/umbilicus

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how to measure
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