Lowering Cortisol Levels to Improve Menopause Weight Loss

Episode #493 Susan from our Flipping50 Insiders group on Facebook asks a question about lowering cortisol levels and I respond in this episode.

Who You Ask for Advice Matters

Be sure when asking in a group where you don’t know the experience, expertise of the responders (and they don’t know if they have enough information to respond back to you) that you filter the information very selectively. You put yourself at risk if you treat everything you hear from strangers as a round-up of good ideas. If you have a specific problem, unique background, it makes sense to get a specific recommendation made by consideration of history, status now, and relationship with an expert you trust.

Just a bit more: I want to point out – and be sure you understand all is said with respect – we want to be careful simply asking in a group for random suggestions without fully knowing the background, depth of the knowledge of contributors, or certainly any responder has all the information they need to respond, can lead you to faulty information. There are two things I’ll address in this short episode:

  • Lowering cortisol levels and improving sleep
  • Asking the right question (of the right people)

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Here’s how best to:

1) use a group, and to

2) ask a question, as well as

3) my response to Susan about lowering cortisol levels


Anyone have any advice for lowering cortisol levels? I have taken Debra’s advice and have replaced her recommended workouts for yoga/Pilates/walking, etc. I’m up every night 2-3 hours and know I have elevated cortisol levels from stress. I think I am an HSP (highly sensitive person) and have struggled in the past to lower my c. even though the stressor is long gone. I’ve tried every OTC sleep aid imaginable – both supplement/herb/etc. I was hoping not to have to get an Rx for this, but I am getting discouraged and am chomping at the bit to get back to regular workouts. Any thoughts appreciated. Thank you!! – Susan


I don’t have enough information here about your current habits to offer any suggestions. So, it is very important for anyone commenting to realize this is not the best way to reach a solution for an individual. What we might get is simply a roundup of other people’s random knowledge from a wide variety of sources, some credible and some not.

A trained health coach will often answer your question with a question. Someone who’s not a health coach will respond only with an answer, that may or may not be right for you.

Information Qualified Health Coaches Need Before Reponding:

1) your daily habits

2) what you’ve tried – and whether that has been systematic and sequential and with adjustments until ruled out

3) are you open to hormone supplementation? in which case testing would help because you’ll know what you want to do with the information

4) what time is the waking? liver activity occurs 1-3am, and if the waking is correlated, may indicate that you need support for your liver with dietary changes and some select supplements you may want to consider

5) it also can mean low blood sugar issues are occurring.

 Is Lowering Cortisol Levels the Right Question?

So, your question seems to be about cortisol- but have you tested the cortisol? Do you know that’s the issue for sure, and the only issue? Low progesterone, low pregnenolone, magnesium deficiency, inadequate carbohydrate at dinner, a need to support liver function (a few things do this), as well as your sleep hygiene could be the reason.

You want to get sleep, but the first question you have to ask is, what is the cause of the sleep problem, before going to the sleep solutions.

It’s important to ask the right questions.

Random actions get random results. So, let’s make sure you put together a plan of action that gets you specific answers to the right questions.

But it can be dangerous or a waste of time to ask for random suggestions from anyone who does not know you, your daily habits, your history.

Once you have shared that information with a health coach you’ve established a relationship with (when you have an ongoing problem this is the best way to deal with it).

You need to look at whether you need to:

  • reduce cortisol levels so you can go to sleep
  • your cortisol levels are off because you can’t sleep
  • cortisol is your root cause problem or it’s something else

Solve the Problem:

  • Identify what the problem and question really are
  • confirm the true root cause of the problem
  • establish a plan
  • know what you are open to as possible solutions.

There’s random searching on GOOGLE and YouTube. Then there’s joining a group and asking a lot of people similar to you having similar problems what they’ve tried (unsuccessfully or successfully) that also isn’t a very targeted way to reach an answer for your personal needs.

I’ve joined many forums for menopause women and some I can barely stand because the information and questions there are so disturbing to me! It’s what often is referred to as the blind leading the blind.

Be sure if you have a problem, you identify the best question to ask, then ask an expert, rather than someone in the same spot as you are. For personal answers you may need to establish a client-coach relationship.

Health & Fitness Coaches

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