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Fit U is an 8 week program (with continued access to the video workouts) for women in menopause (peri and post) struggling to lose weight. It is based on fat loss for women after 50. If you have 20 or more pounds to lose, (or even slightly less) and just can’t do it with the random efforts you’ve tried, there’s a reason. It’s not you.

During February 2021, get started… at 50% off and get a special Intermittent Fasting support along with your purchase for a second layer of results-getting without sacrifice or deprivation. Seeing this later? Ask about the extra bonus.

The Flipping 50 Fit U program

Do you have 20 or more pounds to lose?

Done with diets, counting calories, and points?

Ready to Move with meaning and have more energy?

Are you looking for the exercise, nutrition, and mindset all in one place?


Flipping 50 Fit U


  • The science of fat loss
  • The psychology of fat loss
  • The mindset of your best weight
  • It’s more than weight: What you gain when you lose and why you resist
  • Why diets have failed you
  • Why it’s not about points, exchanges, and calories
  • Interval training: the pros and cons
  • The way to lift weights to lose weight
  • Workouts – convenient home exercise with body weight, weight training, and no-equipment cardio (joint-friendly modifications)
  • The habits – around the clock flips that matter as much as exercise
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