Lift More, Lose More: Episode 12

Have you ever felt more “bulky” from exercise than lean and sculpted? 

You want to lose weight and you wonder why everyone seems to be telling you to lift weights?

This is definitely for you! Watch the full Flipping 50 episode right here.

Why weight training for weight loss?

Whenever you lose weight, you lose a percentage of fat AND muscle. It’s unavoidable.

Muscle is your most metabolically active tissue. It helps you burn calories and fat, even at rest. Double bonus.

Weight loss can be 15-50% muscle loss.

Weight regain after a “diet” is usually 100% fat.

If you cycled through that, even with minimum losses of muscle without increasing lean tissue by getting adequate protein and performing the right weight training, over time you’ll have a cumulative effect of more fat and less muscle than you started with. That results in a slower metabolism.

With the right type of weight training you can hold onto muscle while you lose weight. You can also increase lean muscle if you’ve lost it. It’s not too late with the right combination of nutrition and exercise timing.

There is a specific science related to weight training to boost your results as much as possible. Several weight training factors influence weight loss :

  • Heavy weight few reps (post exercise energy expenditure is higher)
  • Compound exercises (bigger muscles will use more energy during and after)
  • Power technique (increases energy expenditure during and after exercise)
  • Specific combinations of “super set” training (boost energy expenditure x 33%)

weight training postures

Watch the episode to see the comparison between power and traditional lifting. It’s worth the few minutes to make your weight training more effective at burning energy during and all day after exercise.*

Warning: there are a couple things to keep in mind when you begin weight training. 

  • Your clothes will get lose before the scale moves.
  • People will comment on your arms and want them.
  • Your waist will get smaller and your stomach flatter.

You’ll have to deal with that.

Pin and save this infographic as a reminder:

weight training exercise position instructionFood for Effective Weight Loss with Weight Training

No food… no muscles… no metabolism.

Those are the facts. So, yes you need to eat and plan. That is the downfall for many of us. We fail to plan and you know the rest, we plan to fail. My friend, Leanne Ely, has a simple solution. In fact, she’s literally Go visit her site to get recipes that fit you whether you’re Paleo, vegan, or more traditional. She’s got you covered.

*women tend to burn higher percentage of fat during exercise compared to men who increase fat metabolism after

Flip of the Day:

It’s all about the quality of exercise, not the quantity.


Was this helpful? Are you lifting now? Or do you need to get started? I’d love to hear from you (and appreciate your sharing this post!)

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