Leg Exercises for Lower Body Tone: Flipping 50 TV

Want to tone and firm your legs and lower body? These leg exercises will do the trick!

Whether you’re thin, normal, or have a little more padding, it can be a challenge to get the tone you want. Watch the full Flipping 50 episode and do the routine with me! I’ll do every rep if you do! 

Pay attention not just to the exercise, but to the nutrition, recovery, and the rest you need to make exercise payoff!

For killer legs, you need to reach fatigue during leg exercises. It may be that a combination of heavier weights some days and lighter weights with more repetitions others will get you the best tone. What works best is going to depend a little on your body type. Episode 10 will give you more insight on your body type.

In this episode I share a leg exercises sequence for toning those legs 360 degrees. The key is always to use major muscle groups. Standing exercises, if you’re able to do them, will use more muscles especially if you add a balance factor or you can add power. That is, push quickly against gravity when you rise still maintaining slow and controlled decent.

Fatigue allows your body to recover in a way that increases fitness. The body doesn’t just compensate, it overcompensates.

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