How to Stop Self Sabotage, Stay Motivated, and Get Results: Episode 2

Things are going along great. You’ve lost weight. Your clothes are lose. You might have to go shopping. People stop you and say, “something’s different” and they don’t know why, but you do!

Then you start to slip. You skip exercise more often. You go ahead and give in at dinner to pleas of “have a life” from friends who think you look fine.

Sound familiar?

Or maybe for you it’s different.

You are doing everything right. You eat what you’re supposed to. You exercise. You’re still not seeing any change. The scale is not budging. You feel like every day is struggle. Everyone around you seems to do this easily, but not you.

So you say, forget it. You’re miserable trying and happier when you’re not trying so hard. At least then you expect to be the same.

Self-sabotage happens to all of us. There are five reasons I shared in this episode two. It was number two that’s really the most fixable from the outside. If you’re ready to take that leap into learning how to customize the right answers for you, then watch this episode, where you’ll get the special promo code and use it to jump in with both feet to my online course. The secret is there isn’t a secret. The answers are there if you let them unfold. You’re going to pull together:

  1. what you eat
  2. how you move
  3. how you sleep
  4. how you deal with stress
  5. how you rest
  6. which hormones might be off

…into a whole-you program that’s less struggle and the way to get your body happy again. Your body, mind, and soul all have to be on the same page. When that happens your body wants to be at it’s best weight. It’s easier, more efficient, and even your body wants the path of least resistance.

Comment below on your own challenges or solutions when it comes to self-sabotage. Have you been there too?

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