What is EMF and Why Should You Be Concerned?

You’ve heard about EMFs. You know it’s potentially important. Yet, you’ve got lingering questions on it and how much it could be affecting your health, your weight, brain fog, sleep.

Dr. Mercola, is founder of Mercola.com that has been most visited natural health web site for the last 15 years even despite Google censoring him and removing him from the search engines in June of 2019.

Well-known, well-respected, and powerhouse of energy it’s probably the most profound thing I took away from meeting you. You’re very comfortable in your own skin, you walk your talk, and you love share information that will help others.

Questions we cover in this episode:

  • What is EMF?
  • Why did you take this on as a topic worthy of a book – not a small or short project?
  • How is EMF damage showing up?
  • How do you address your EMF exposure?
  • What are signs of damage that we may not even recognize as EMF-related?
  • Are most doctors recognizing the difference between EMF caused issues and other causes?
  • What are some of the worst ways we get EMF exposure- that we can control or reduce?
  • Who is the generation most at risk right now?
  • For this group of fitness oriented listeners- what about wearable technology and cardiovascular equipment with TVs and internet? It’s not uncommon to go out wearing a Watch with a heart rate chest strap, GPS, carrying a cell phone and listening to music with ear buds. What are we doing to ourselves?

For Flipping 50 listeners –

  • sleep, melatonin
  • Intestinal barrier – leaky gut
  • Acceleration of aging – damage to cells
  • Use speaker if possible on cell phone
  • Don’t carry your cell phone on your body
  • Earbuds vs phone itself?

Visit EMF.mercola.com for free bonus (chapter 7)


Fat for Fuel (book) 

Faraday bag– lined bag so signals can’t get out

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