Why Creativity Matters More in Midlife Movement (how to get it)

What if creativity matters more now than ever and if could make everything including work, more fun? Recently in a podcast with Dr. John Gray (link below), he shared how to make things on your “to do” list more hormone-balancing for you.

There was so much goodness in that episode you might have missed it. If so, go back and listen, because the tip is so important we really touch on it again today. Fun is the start of wanting to and the end of needing motivation. 

Fun with a task at work, (and it’s possible), means it’s going to get done easier and end better. 

Creativity matters when it comes to stress, and to problem solving. And while creativity is encouraged in children up to a point, at some point in life, creativity is actually discouraged for fitting in and doing things that are “normal” and acceptable. 

I for one know there are days I’d trade problems I have for today for the problems I thought I had 30 years ago. So let’s dive into this episode and find out just how much creativity matters for health and motivation. 

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My Guest:

Julie Angel is a movement coach, artist, award winning filmmaker and author. After completing the world’s first parkour- themed Ph.D. she continued to move and learn from some of the best teachers and coaches with different approaches to movement. An eternal optimist, she now focuses on helping midlife women break free from the negative cycle of extreme workouts, diets, anxiety and injuries to, developing a positive aging approach to sustainable strength and balance in life.

She uses her M.A.P.S. system: Movement Snacks, Age Positive Mindset, Parkour & Play, and Strong Resting to help people connect to and create a strong body and strong mind. Finding and creating your own fun, sustainable movement culture should be a fun practice that feels good. It’s a holistic approach to mind and body.

“Move more and dare to be creative in everything you do!” -Julie Angle

Questions We Answer in this Episode:

[03:24] First, what is “parkour”? What led you to it?

[12:44] From your own introduction to me it strikes me that  yours is a story of reinvention. That perhaps is the theme of what you’re doing now for other women. Clearly, you’ve experienced some joy and found purpose in what you’re doing now. Share a little more about your personal  journey from artist, filmmaker, author, PhD pursuit and the evolution of it all. 

[19:44] What do you believe will get people to find joy in becoming healthy & happy in midlife?

What is your MAPS system, beyond a holistic approach to mind and body, what makes it unique? And how was that born? 

[25:20] Let’s talk about the need for muscle and bone density and the need to marry the methods scientifically proven to support them with the joy of movement. What’s your way to provide the science-based stimulus for those things we need for longevity as we can know it in our lifetime?

Why do you lead with and believe creativity matters?

Connect with Julie:

Website: www.julieangel.com

She Social:

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/julie.angel

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/julie_angel_ph.d/

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Resources Mentioned: 

Ultimate Smoothies Guide: https://www.flippingfifty.com/smoothies

Protein: https://www.flippingfifty.com/protein

Sleep Yourself Skinny ebook: https://www.flippingfifty.com/sleep-yourself-skinny

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