Perimenopause: The Signs Symptoms and Circus (special guest)

When navigating perimenopause or menopause, consulting an expert is great. It’s always nice to know someone you follow, with education and knowledge, also has that one factor that makes her more valuable than anything else. That? Is what I call the “get you” factor.

My guest today has it. And stay tuned … your inner I want to join the circus girl may just love today…

Do You Have It?

But first? That “get you” factor? That’s why my Flipping 50 Fitness Specialist 2.0 program is filling with women who are or want to be health coaches and personal trainers. When you are a woman in midlife, you get women in midlife, dealing with perimenopause to post menopause health issues.

And a poll of our 170,000 community members reveals over 80% of them want a trainer who is female and is at least over the age of 35. You are who she wants to work with. If you can related to loving a job where you serve and help women with daily choices and habits that naturally support hormone balance – whether a woman is or is not on HRT – then now is your time.

Enrollment Open

We are accepting applications right now for the 10-month mastermind and the sooner you start your course work, the more ready you’ll be for the Jan 14 first session. Link to the next masterclass in show notes. When we close this class, we don’t  have another scheduled.

Flipping Fifty Advanced Specialist

My Guest

Suzannah Bianco is a Holistic Health Coach and performer for Cirque Du Soleil. Her interest in health coaching began as an athlete under vigorous training demands. She went from being a synchronized swimming Olympic Gold Medalist, to performing with Cirque Du Soleil and having children soon after.

As a “do it all” mom and chronically little sleep, she realized the conventional system was failing in addressing her perimenopause symptoms. She had fatigue, weight gain, brain fog, bloating, uncomfortable digestion, and low libido. This interest turned into a passion for healing herself. 

Suzannah’s journey of researching and experimenting led to her to lifestyle changes, nutrition and targeted supplementation. She was able to regain all-day energy, regulate her digestive system, and address her other maladies. To deepen her knowledge and assist others, she became both a certified Holistic Health Coach and Hormone Coach.

Questions We Answer on this Episode:

  • First, how old are you currently?
  • Share a little about your experience of performing and what must be a unique ‘exercise’ regimen for 23 years.
  • You mentioned as we talked your needs for multiple forms of movement. Say a little more about that.
  • You also had downward spiraling journey of fatigue during perimenopause. What was that like and how did it first set in?
  • In order to improve, what kinds of lifestyle changes did you have to make that supported your body and hormones?
  • What mistakes were you making that now having become a coach you recognize as common mistakes women in midlife make?
  • Usually on this journey a woman learns more about her unique biochemistry and the kinds of training and supplements that made a difference in supporting her body and hormones. What did you learn about yourself?
  • As an athlete, often used to pushing through pain, and warning signals, what has been your relationship with pain and how did that impede or speed your improvement?
  • What led you to host this upcoming summit? Tell us about it and what’s in store for listeners who attend?

Link to the Powerful Perimenopause summit:

Connect with Suzannah on Social:



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