Is a Chiropractor in Your Midlife Health Arsenal?

Do you have a chiropractor in your midlife tool kit? How do you benefit? Is it something you wonder about? Whether you’re addressing alignment, performance, or pain with hard or soft tissue manipulation this episode may answer some of your questions. 

In today’s interview we discuss how you can benefit, how to know you’d benefit, and provide a little empathy if you’re a little fearful. Got osteoporosis? Gotcha covered!

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My Guest: 

As an author and Chiropractic physician, Dr. Danielle Peebles, is a trailblazer in her field. She founded Pro Health Family Chiropractic, in 2007 and has worked with thousands of people, helping them regain mobility, strength and overall well-being.
Dr. Peebles specializes in women and athletes who are suffering from injuries. She recognized that chiropractic care is often overlooked in the pre-surgery and rehabilitation process, and when implemented can aid in a faster recovery.
She is the author of Sex Sent Me To The Chiropractor, which comedically teaches you the benefits of chiropractic care; and she also serves the community through other organizations such as Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc. and the YMCA O’Fallon Park, where she is a board member.

Chiropractor in Your Midlife Health Arsenal

Questions We Answer in this Episode:

Let’s define chiropractic and your method of chiropractic
What’s the difference between soft tissue (as in physical therapy) and chiropractic in benefit or philosophy? How do they complement each other and or compete? 
How would a woman over the age of 50 benefit from chiropractic care?
What suggests that a woman would benefit from a chiropractor?
What determines the best frequency to see a chiropractor?
You’ve worked with patients – what are the most common reservations about going to the chiropractor? 
What about a woman with osteoporosis, when do you advise that adjustments are not in the best interest of a patient? 
If someone is apprehensive about the cracking or  ‘popping’ associated with chiropractic, what do you suggest?
Are most chiropractic services covered by health insurance?

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