Your Risk of Breast Cancer and Your Hormones

Last month was breast cancer awareness month. Every month, though 1 in every 8 women is diagnosed. This continues a conversation worth revisiting about hormones and breast cancer. 

Breast cancer. You are on one side of it or the other. You’ve either been there and heard “you have breast cancer.” Perhaps you never have heard those words and tend to skip your mamo or thermo tests thinking it won’t happen to you. 

Your Breast Cancer Connection

No matter which side you’re on, you know someone, chances are you love someone who’s had it. So it’s relevant to all of us with moms, daughters, sisters, aunts, nieces and partners.

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My Guest

Candace Burch is an internationally recognized Hormone Health Educator and media personality with over 25 years of experience in the field. Through her at-home testing and consulting practice, Your Hormone Balance, she helps people of all ages detect, and naturally correct hormone imbalances.

Her background includes working as a health writer and investigative journalist in London, and leading educational initiatives for ZRT Hormone Testing Laboratory and Metabolic Research Center. Candace continues to raise awareness about hormone health and disease prevention through her work as a writer, speaker and podcaster.

Questions we answer in this episode:

  • How does estrogen dominance increase a woman’s risk of breast cancer?
  • Does progesterone protect against risk of breast cancer? 
  • Is there a link between obesity and increased risk of breast cancer?
  • What are Xenoestrogens and how do they play into hormone imbalances and breast cancer risk? How can listeners avoid them?
  • What are the foods a woman wants to eat more of to reduce risks…and then on the flip side to avoid eating?
  • What every day steps can a woman take to protect breast health? 

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Additional Resources Mentioned on this episode:

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