28 Days Designed Around the Science of Your Body

During the first week, I already lost 4 pounds! And an inch at my waist and two under my bra line!


    • – Ginny M


You’re NOT aging and stuck.

If you’re experiencing these signs: – fatigue and lack of motivation – bloating – brain fog – inability to sleep – unpredictable appetite and cravings – belly fat – retaining water – lack of muscle tone – inability to lose weight despite effort – what you used to do isn’t working anymore You’re in a hormone-fluctuation phase. You can lose weight and get energy and tone back even if you have thyroid issues, or adrenal fatigue, and whether you’re using hormone replacement or opting not to… as long as you change your approach.

Your age is not a limitation.


Some of the habits you picked up along the way are. When you eliminate the foods and the habits that keep you storing fat and preventing you from burning it your body naturally finds it’s best weight. No starving, hunger, or deprivation involved.

I know that its got to be the whole package. It’s not just what exercise or what to eat. It’s not just how to do it but why to do it. Intelligent women want to connect the dots in order to get and stay motivated. I whole-heartedly believe most of our motivation challenges come from not understanding the why behind what you’re asked to do.

Join my 28-Day Program

We officially begin with coaching calls the FIRST TUESAY of every month. That said, YOU have homework to do with food prep and scheduling time for yourself, so the juicy materials start coming right away so you can begin mentally preparing (if you get in soon for BONUSES)… !! The sooner you register the more time you’ll have to get your mindset and your kitchen ready for success! (Psst: LAST DAY to register for upcoming Kickstart is BEFORE the Last Thursday of the month. Do it now!! After that you’ll be included in the NEXT month’s kickstart).

    • Learn the foods that cause your body to store fat and hold water.


  • Identify what foods you love that you can tolerate with a few “flips.”



  • Break old habits with focused support to keep you on track.



  • Get clarity about what is “healthy” for your body



  • Get recipe FLIPS for meals, snacks, desserts, dips, hor de vourves that will



  • Change the way your favorite jeans fit without you feeling deprived.



  • Ditch diet mentality, calorie counting, and eliminate cravings.



This is LIVE coaching. You’ll receive the first email right away. There is no “membership” or log in. The first 19 days you may lose up to 7-14 pounds without feeling like you’re “dieting.” The last 9 days you’ll find out how to take the program into a forever plan to continue looking good and feeling great.

Here’s what you get in the 28-Day Kickstart Program

    • A complete guide to what, why, and how it works


  • An weekly exercise plan to take you through the month day-by-day



  • A weekly meal plan (your own substitutions will work: this gives you direction) vegans, vegetarians, and meat lovers all welcome



  • A live weekly coaching call: about 1/2 topic-oriented and 1/2 Q&A time followed by coaching for anyone who wants to jump in to chat



  • Recordings to calls for replay or listening if you can’t make it live



  • Easy-access by phone or computer, no more screen time required but international clients can join the webinar format



Why not? You’ve got nothing to lose.

The 28-Day Kickstart includes a 30-Day conditional money back guarantee. If you are not fully satisfied and meet the terms and conditions, you may request a full refund (within 30 days from date of purchase).

Weight Loss Continues

I lost about 4-5 pounds during the month of February and since then I’ve dropped a few more. I have also lost inches and my clothes are fitting better. Even more importantly now almost a month later I have kept up with eating MUCH cleaner, emphasizing the same foods I ate during the program.


Prior to starting the program I was drinking too much coffee and alcohol, eating too much cheese and yogurt, and succumbing too often the urge to eat more processed foods like GF breads, tortillas, and even deserts. I felt tired, had digestive issues and stomach pain and I knew I had to take better care of myself. I also slept very restlessly.

Since [the program] I have lost many of my cravings and I’m now consuming these foods only very moderately. I still love my morning smoothies, they really keep me going for several hours. My stomach pain is WAY reduced and I am sleeping much better with far fewer wakes in the night. My mood has been generally more steady as well.

I recently took a short business-related trip. Usually it’s pretty difficult for me to keep to a good eating protocol when flying and traveling as it’s so hard to find good healthy foods. But, I planned ahead and managed to keep to eat much more healthily than normal, which of course resulted in me feeling better and having better energy for the conference. I even got in a mini workout despite the grueling schedule and having a roommate in the hotel room! Even when I ended up experiencing travel problems that caused me to have to stay in a strange city overnight, I still managed to make wise choices.

Sarah, 57

Sarah, 57

The bottomline:

Technically my 28 days will end on Tuesday, but I won’t have time to measure that day so I did it today, Day 26. I have lost a total of 8 pounds and am down 11.75 inches. My goal was to lose somewhere between 5-10 pounds. I feel great about 8.

The whole story:

I am thrilled. I just did my measurements and read my goals from when we began. Technically my 28 days will end on Tuesday, but I won’t have time to measure that day so I did it today, Day 26. I have lost a total of 8 pounds and am down 11.75 inches. My goal was to lose somewhere between 5-10 pounds. I feel great about 8.

Here are some of the things I am very happy about that have contributed to this:
1) – increased my water intake like Debra suggested. When I started, I was at 3 glasses a day. I have successfully now gotten 5 a day. I’m working on 6. That’s been harder for me, but I’ve been buying fresh lemons and putting in the water and that’s made all the difference.
2) – I have had a diet 99% of the time of fresh fruits and vegetables, lean proteins, upping my protein to 30 grams each meal. One day I had 1/2 cup of Halo Top ice cream and I could tell the difference immediately. I’m lactose intolerant – that thick, gummy feeling in my throat and ensuing stomach problems were clear. So I truly don’t need it again. Halo Top does have a lot of protein and not much sugar, but I can’t handle the dairy content well.
3) – I increased my journaling to take a look at why I would choose foods that don’t serve me for emotional reasons. I looked at from a non-judgmental place, merely to observe and understand the reasons.
4) – I took a hot Epsom salt bath most nights, when I could and listened to Debra podcasts or inspiring audios at the time I would normally have a glass of wine. I am a big fan of Esther Hicks and listen as much as I can to get myself into alignment.
5) – I changed all my snacks to walnuts, almonds, hummus with carrots or yellow and orange peppers but I cut out most of the snacking anyway.
6) – I cooked at home every day and did not go out
7) – I cut the alcohol entirely. I will go back someday but not soon. I will start again when I know I have the willpower to live within the moderate limits I understand are best for me.
8) – I fully committed to the program because you can do anything for 28 days.

TAKE AWAYS: 8 pounds lost, 11.75 inches lost, back into my clothes again and headed on to my clothes in the back of the closet that are one size smaller, self-esteem so much better, took back control of my life that sugar had gained. People are starting to notice something. They keep asking me what I am doing and saying I look good and more rested. I am just saying I’m eating healthy. Sleeping better.

I have committed myself to 28 more days, with the idea that YOU CAN DO ANYTHING for JUST 28 DAYS!

This is not a diet for me. This is a lifestyle that I choose. Because of my recent surgery, I am not cleared for exercise until April 8, a week yet. I’ll add that component next week.

HUGE thanks to Debra for all and for naming the programs 28 day KICKSTART! It was exactly what I needed to turn the corner and start down a new path. My 59th birthday is in May. I had set a weight goal for myself and now I feel certain I will make it.

Camille, almost 59

Camille, 59

It was the turning point in getting my fitness and weight loss goals to become a reality. Can honestly say I haven’t felt this good in a long time.

Brenda B.

Turning Point

I feel like I’m 20 again! Ok well maybe 30! LOL

Sharon, 55

I started this to lose weight and get my body back. I got my life back!

Susan, 55

I want to thank you again for an eye-opening experience.

(lost 9 pounds and 4.5 inches)

Terry W, 57

I do not have food cravings and am not really tempted to eat things containing sugar such as cookies, cake, or ice cream. I feel better about this area of my life because I have a plan and have better control.

Jen, 57

I though this would be very hard but I thought, you know best [and]… I feel so great!

52-year old participant

The meal plan is easy and I had no cravings so no more binges!

Sherry, 59

I haven’t even followed everything according to the law but I’ve learned so much, am so much more aware and feel so much better!

28 Day Kickstarter

During the first week, I already lost 4 pounds! And an inch at my waist and two under my bra line!

Ginny M.

I don’t have any cravings. I have to remind myself to eat! I have this crazy amount of energy now…

28 Day Kickstarter

The program was really a godsend to get me focused on the right things for this time of life…

…INCHES change: 12.5 inches!  So pleased…

Weight change:  I don’t have a scale, but biometric screening at work showed a 10 lb weight loss since last year.  I attribute to your program, entirely.

28 Day Kickstarter


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