Why Menopause Weight loss is So Hard and How Your Brain is Taking Over

Weight loss is so hard! I’ve heard that a million times. But why can’t we crack that code? Well, my guest today is sharing how your brain has hi-jacked your weight-loss wishes and what’s working against you. She’s also got a solution. And trust me you do not want to miss it when I ask her why she’s doing “this.” 

Her story is a must-hear. If you think no one understands your relationship with food or disordered eating, stay right here. 

Spoiler alert – I’ll give you two take-aways from this episode:

Planning ahead is a must.  Automate eating. And that’s just because there’s so much more juicy content inside. 

If you’ve said it, weight loss is so hard, this is for you. 

My Guest: 

Susan Peirce Thompson, Ph.D. is an Adjunct Associate Professor of Brain and Cognitive Sciences at the University of Rochester and an expert in the psychology of eating. She is President of the Institute for Sustainable Weight Loss and the Founder and CEO of Bright Line Eating Solutions, a company dedicated to helping people achieve the health and vibrancy that accompany permanent weight loss. Her program utilizes cutting-edge research to explain how the brain blocks weight loss and every day she teaches people how to undo that damage so they can live Happy, Thin, and Free.

“Though it’s too soon to tell: We may have hit 50% obesity thanks to the pandemic.”  

Questions & Discussion in this episode:

  • How has the pandemic clearly demonstrated that carrying excess weight is a faster path to dying? 
  • Food addiction is more powerful than drug and alcohol addiction. 
  • How are kids affected by eating ultra-processed foods? 
  • With the fat acceptance movement, Susan says “We need body acceptance while holding that excess fat is not healthy. We’ve been so intent on bringing down deaths from COVID, but we’ve been quietly ignoring that even more people are dying from excess food.”

“48% of people gained weight during the pandemic”

-Susan Peirce Thompson



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