Ladies, this is for YOU if you are:

  • …Confused about how much protein you need
  • …Want to get and stay lean as you age
  • …Not settling for the idea that “getting older” means getting flabby
  • …Exercising and want to continue to feel strong and vibrant
  • …Sitting more than you like each day but you still want to look as good as you can

This is also ideal if you prefer to eat according to your own preferences (vegan, vegetarian, or downright carnivore!)

Stop wondering about protein… Get your copy of The Protein Report now

Do you ever feel conflicted by what you hear about protein?

How many times have we heard we need to eat more protein…or eat almost ALL protein and no carbs…or cut back on protein and balance with whole grains…

While some of what you hear is true, a lot of it isn’t.

But MOST of what you hear isn’t directed towards you — an adult woman over 50 that wants to feel vibrant, stay fit and continue to optimize her health.

That’s why this book is for you.

Inside you’ll find:

  • How to hit your target every meal to look and feel your best
  • What sources of protein are optimal
  • How to choose supplements if you opt to use them
  • The type and timing of protein that matters most
  • How to time your exercise and protein
  • Just who needs more protein: the sedentary or the active and why

Eat another chicken leg…or get answers? Get your copy of The Protein Report now.


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