Six Inspiring Books for the After 50 Woman

Please do me the honor and share an inspiring read with me and other readers when you’ve read this half dozen of my recent reads. One can never run out of inspiration!

1. The Grace to Race is the story of Sister Madonna Buder. She didn’t even begin her running until the age of 46. She went on to compete in triathlon eventually and went all the way. She has done Ironman Hawaii – the big kahuna of triathlon-  many times. What’s most inspiring is that even with what some find a grueling training schedule, she never really got caught up in it. She went about her business of serving and giving and when training fit in, it did.

She was injured numerous times. She popped back on the bike. She calls herself a fast healer. She’s in her early 80’s now. Yet to see if she will be at it again this year. She was there last fall among the crowds of triathletes. Don’t bet against her.

2. Fast After 50 by Joe Friel. Joe is a long time and well respected coach and author in the running and triathlon community. He wrote the rest and recovery expert segment in my book. He’s now in his 70’s and continues to stay on top of research that’s proving older athletes can be fast, even faster, with the right amount of rest and recovery.

3. 17 Hours to Glory was a book loaned to me as I was training for my second Ironman. It was perfect timing and perfectly inspiring. You don’t have to be training for any such distance or race for that matter to be awed by what is in us – each of us – and each chapter is a stand-alone story about someone else demonstrating what’s true for all of us.

We have more in us than we’ll ever know.

4. War of Art by Steven Pressfeild is an odd fit here. It’s potentially more a business book and some who are literal beings will say it’s about creative people doing creative things. It is about being everything you can and want to be though, no matter what arena that might be. It’s about how each of us even knowing what that is, get in our own way of doing it, repeatedly!

If you’re ever guilty of being your own worst enemy and finding something else to do in that moment when you know you need to be somewhere else or do something else peek into this book.

5. First Marathons is a lot like 17 Hours to Glory except its specific to running. Yet, again it is mere mortals who just want to do it, cross the finish, experience that. Each chapter reads like a short book. If you have a short attention span or a short few minutes of page turning before the pillow calls it’s a good choice.

6. The Non-Runner’s Marathon Trainer is a book by two professors at the University of Northern Iowa and a grad student at the time. They used to offer a course every other semester for first time marathon runners. It got to be such a big demand that they had to draw from a lottery on the first day of class to see who could get in. It was entirely experiential. Students did get credit, or community people and local news celebrities took a spot auditing the class to document their experience.

You’ll get a little science and a lot of emotion as you learn the training program they used and get bits and pieces of the students own diary entries.

Read a good book lately?

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