What Does ONE workout Do to Your Body? | Women Over 50

You’re ONE WORKOUT AWAY!! If you love immediate gratification, this is for you! If you need a little motivation for putting on the tights, lacing up the shoes, getting a little breathless, or starting that weight workout… consider it done. You’re welcome.

Some of these are under-the-hood, and others are right now, baby. More on that below.

These are ALL benefits that come from just one workout in your sweet spot.

[Note: if you’re an over-doer, you won’t enjoy some of the cortisol reduction, mood boosting, sleep enhancing or body composition improvement benefits in midlife. In fact, you’ll sabotage them.

So, let me rephrase that you are one SANE workout away from.

Almost immediately, your body begins to change. Increased circulation everywhere means more blood to the brain. You feel more alert and less pain. Feel good hormones kick in that boost your mood.

Just one workout delivers:

☀️Increased circulation
☀️Reduced blood pressure
☀️Increased bone density
☀️Increased metabolic rate (up to 14-72 hours depending on activity)
☀️Increased lean muscle mass
☀️Improved fat burning
☀️Improved blood sugar control
☀️More stable energy
☀️Increased alertness
☀️Improved problem solving and memory
☀️Improved immunity
☀️Better body image
☀️Improved mood
☀️Reduced cortisol
☀️Increased creativity
☀️Enhanced sleep (10 minutes a day can do that)

☀️Increased telomere length

One Week

Within 4 days, one Flipping50 participant reported she was sleeping better. (doing less).

Self-confidence often rises.

Depression lifts.

Then there’s this, already week one:

You experience prolonged lifts in your metabolic rate after one workout, right? Well, imagine the benefit of doing that several times a week. After particularly challenging workouts, like total body strength training to muscle fatigue, or HIIT sessions, the “post-burn” is greatest. That said, more isn’t better. That can inhibit your recovery and stop the benefits due to increase in muscle breakdown.

Two Weeks

Measurable improvements in strength and fitness

Four Weeks

All of the above plus noticeable improved productivity, sleep, signs of body changing. (body composition, tone, definition)

In a study I’ve mentioned here on Flippingfifty and in books, a study done by Dr. Wayne Wescott found after 4 weeks of strength training typical results were a loss of 4lbs body fat and gain of 3lbs lean muscle. Those results continued for beginners each month of the first 3 months of exercise. The result on average was a loss of 12lbs fat and gain of 9lbs lean. Now, you’re not average. So your results will be different.

The big take-away from this is that total loss of weight (never a good measure alone) over 3 months, was about 3lbs. What you’ll care about is the change in lean muscle and fat that will influence inches.

This also is focused on participants who needed to lose weight. You may not. And if you have 5lbs of weight to lose vs 20 or more, your changes will potentially be slower or may be none. You may in fact NOT lose weight. You may just be leaner, more toned, stronger and have more energy. Would that be okay?

Menopause Specific

You may have noticed: the benefits almost mirror the challenges you can experience (but don’t have to) during menopause.

Menopause health is improved dramatically by finding the right science-based menopause fitness routine.

Exercise, Metabolism & Menopause

The longest elevation of metabolism with the least amount of age acceleration from tissue damage or muscle breakdown after one workout is experienced from STRENGTH training.

Three months

We’ve had members experience losses of 6-10lbs, and inch-losses of 3-14! But most importantly as they’ve reported, it was the finding themselves again that mattered most to them.

Note: Most often, beginners who have the most benefits to gain from starting experience the most change. However, instances in Flipping50 have proven that for women whose regular exercise was disrupted by life or other hormone disruptors were resolved, incredible change does happen for long-time exercisers who modify to a more optimal exercise schedule for their midlife needs.

SIX months

You can reverse the negative effects of 179 genes associated with aging. Do you have to continue to enjoy the benefits? Yes, of course. But listen, if you stick with it for six months (even 3), no one will have to convince you. You’ll be hooked.

Need support with metabolism-boosting strength training?

We start Stronger quarterly. And you’ll enjoy all the benefits from one workout to three months. (Imagine boosting your metabolism for 72 hours twice a week for 3 months. At home with me.)

Back to immediate gratification.
Do you want consistent exercise for the most benefits? Yes.
Does just a single bout of exercise do good? Hell, yes.

Set the bar low. Smash the goal of doing ONE workout today!

Post Blog Note:

Everything I mentioned here ignored any dietary changes you might make. The right ones will amplify your results. The wrong ones, namely eating too little (especially, eating too little protein) will harm results.

Inevitably, during an exercise program, you begin to voluntarily change your daily diet for the better. You’ll begin to ask. And in Stronger programs we provide the answers to support you. When you’re ready. But if the only change you make is exercise, you’ll benefit.


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Sellami M, Bragazzi N, Prince MS, Denham J, Elrayess M. Regular, Intense Exercise Training as a Healthy Aging Lifestyle Strategy: Preventing DNA Damage, Telomere Shortening and Adverse DNA Methylation Changes Over a Lifetime. Front Genet. 2021;12:652497. Published 2021 Aug 6. doi:10.3389/fgene.2021.652497

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  1. No- you’re only doing one body part a week that way… far too little stimulation. Much too little boost in metabolism by separating body parts. Total body is ALWAYS best.

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