Older, Faster, Stronger | Special Thanksgiving Episode

Margaret Webb, author of Older Faster Stronger about her super fit year when she turned 50 in 2014 joins Flipping 50 on this episode. As she did throughout the book, she shares the hope-inspiring research, both personal and published. Learn more about running and aging, and it’s worth the listen even if running isn’t your activity. Exercise of all kinds offer similar benefits Margaret and I dish about in this episode.

Just a few of the ways running provides benefits that result in you older faster stronger mentioned in Margaret’s book and our chat:

Mitochondria, your energy powerhouse, once thought to decrease in production naturally with age now we know can remain as young as a 20 year old’s with the right training. Older faster stronger is both the benefit and the catalyst for better aging. Lift, get breathless, and move over long periods of time alternately every week.

Telemeres, markers of aging, are longer in runners. That means the longevity of most runners is better. Living longer, healthier, is the goal.

Knees of runners, contrary to popular belief, are often better than those who don’t run – and who carry more weight.

Brain function, including memory, appears to improve with exercise and be optimal compared to non-exercisers.

Confidence, you’ve heard here before is the real thing that gets you hooked. Getting sweaty, looking better in your jeans, those are nice, but the empowered feeling you have is what will keep you doing it.

If you’re wondering if it’s too late, tune into this episode. Women who began at 50 or older are experiencing amazing results and living life fully mentally and physically.

older faster stronger

If you can’t run or it’s just not your thing, listen anyway! This is not only about running.

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Twitter: https://twitter.com/MargaretWebb

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About the book: Margaret Webb has written an inspiring and evidenced based book where she serves as the guinea pig, making it very personal. Then she weaves research thickly throughout every page in a reader-friendly way. At the end she has conversations with some of the movers and shakers in women’s running about their own journeys and their contribution to women’s health. It’s a must read, if that is, you want to be older, faster, stronger.

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