Money Mindset and Your Health and Weight

Do you have a money mindset holding you back? 

Deborah J. Fryer, PhD is a catalyst for change and a transformational coach and speaker. She works with creative, spiritual, high-achieving entrepreneurs to help them tap into greater confidence, creativity, productivity, prosperity and inner peace.

She Tells Her Money Mindset Story:

Yes. Headlines are I quit my life as a filmmaker in my 40s to go to medical school. When I was 49 I lost everything. Lost 1/3 of our house to the flood, my dad dropped dead 2 weeks later, and the next day I was working in the Anatomy Lab and it was my job to take a human heart out of the body. That changed everything for me. I realized I already had everything I needed within me and I started teaching what I already knew. Holding a heart in hands was one of the most powerful experiences of my life an it informs everything I do, teach and live – expand/contract, receive/let go, inhale/exhale, work hard/rest hard, etc.

Deborah’s Money Mindset concepts:

You have hidden in your body a specific blueprint that dictates exactly how much money you feel comfortable earning, spending, saving and contributing. This secret subconscious programming runs like an inner financial thermostat that keeps you comfortable within a VERY narrow range. When you decide you want to grow – you want to work less and make more money, be your own boss and have more free time, have more authority and contribute more generously – your nervous system goes haywire.

You have a money storyand Deborah has news for you.
Your money story is not YOURS.
It’s not YOUR money.

And it’s just a STORY that you can rewrite it when you decide you want to.

Questions Deborah answers in this podcast:

  1. What is the role of the subconscious mind anyway?
  2. How does your subconscious programming affect your life?
  3. How do limiting beliefs affect our ability to achieve goals we have never done before?
  4. How does a listener change her money mindset or money story?
  5. What does anatomy have to do with our money story?

Quotes from this episode:

  • Money shame
  • Running your business backwards
  • The way you do anything is the way you do everything
  • Shift one thing you shift everything.

Amazing guests will join Deborah on the Money Mindset summit. One of my all-time favorite speakers, Dr. Sue Morter and 26 other doctors, thought leaders.

Energy, consciousness, neuroscience, your inner pharmacy,

Register Here for Master Your Money Mindset:

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