7 Simple Interval Training Workouts for the Holidays

This post is all about interval training workouts you can do during the holidays (and busy times any year) and why they work. I’m sharing my Interval Training guide that includes 7 workouts, plus two little travel workouts you can do without equipment in a hotel room or in the guest room before your hosts even wake up. You can overdo a good thing though, so if you’re an overachiever, listen all the way through!

–Before we dive in though….

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Short on time? Lucky you!

It just might save you from yourself! Any self-respecting woman over 50 almost can’t help herself from exercising in a way that will make her feel worse not better.

What I mean by that is this: you can likely remember the day when you went to hour-long aerobics classes and then did more time on the cardio equipment. The longer you worked out the more fit you would get, or so you thought. That was just the thought of the day when it comes to fitness. More is better.

Having just recently finished Ironman Cozumel I am happy to be doing 20 minutes of exercise a day this month. And so is my body. Too much cardio causes inflammation and weight gain especially when you’re in that middle of menopause storm. I’m exhibit A if I’m sharing gory details. I gained 9 lbs. this year during training. Not loving that, and no, it’s not muscle. If you think that more exercise, and more intensity, is the answer, I can assure you that it’s not.

Fat Storage and Stress

The body will either store more fat or fail to release fat if you’re tipping cortisol. And during the many hormone changes during menopause you’re more susceptible to the negative effects of outside sources of stress, too. In my case mold exposure is probably a big factor for me too – but exposure to toxins can easily effect any of us –  and you’ll hear more about that in an upcoming podcast.

Exercise of any type is stress. A reasonable amount of stress for your body is Okay. Too much when considering all else going on in your body (and mind) and you’ll have an extremely hard time losing weight. Less is more when it comes to exercise, and for the woman who wants good results without tons of time to spend, interval training is the answer.

One major mistake women write me every day is that they don’t have time to make exercise a full time job… here’s the good news: that would be a complete mistake! So it’s really important if you seek balance that yes you move, but that you do not exercise for hours a day.

Getting the Best Solution

Have you ever been to the Clinique counter? Done the skin test where you slide the bars over your answer in response to questions? Well, similar to that the After 50 Fitness Formula for Women (the formula) is based on the signs and symptoms you’re hormones are messaging you with. They tell us simply what you should be doing, how it’s working, and how to adjust.

A key in the formula is shorter intense workouts. It’s really best to ditch those hour-long classes and runs – even if your head thinks you need them – if it’s not getting results you want, more of it isn’t going to suddenly get better results.

So your holiday craziness from decking the halls to shoveling snow, to shopping (on your feet rather than online) to skiing with the fam and charades at the office party – all count. Don’t wish it away, embrace it!

What Your Brain Remembers

Back in your 20s or 30’s you may remember then the belief was that if you didn’t have at least 20 minutes it really wasn’t worth it. Plus, all the skinny girls were on the Stairmaster for at least an hour.

If you try that now you’ll probably gain weight not lose it. And be so tired tomorrow you won’t want to get up. Trying to exercise the way you did when you were 20 or 30 is going to make you less fit, feel worse, and potentially make you resistant to weight loss.

The trick? Say a little thank you for that list you’re checking twice this month. All you need is about 20 minutes to get a good interval training session in. Even as little as 10 minutes can be effective.

The advantages of interval training workouts after 50 are many:

  • You boost your energy instead of draining it.
  • You increase your fast twitch muscle fiber.
  • You balance as opposed to trashing your hormones.
  • You actually look forward to it.
  • You can use any exercise mode you enjoy.
  • No equipment required.

Don’t forget your copy of my 7 Simple Interval Training Workouts guide in the show notes for episode, so be sure that you visit the show notes where you can download the book directly from the link. Consider it my gift to you this season. If you’re working, you’re wrapping, and doing those intervals you may need a little pampering.


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There’s no need to worry you don’t have time, or that you can’t get to the gym. There are so many things you can do right at home –even in the smallest of spaces– at home or traveling.

Questions I answered in this episode:

  • Why is interval training better than longer workouts?
  • How can short be so much more effective?
  • Why interval training workouts after 50?
  • How much is enough and how much is too much?
  • Can I use strength training for my interval training? Or do them together?
  • How do longer workouts make hormones worse?


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