Find Your Power, React Less and Raise Up More

Are you leaking your power? Giving it up and reacting or overreacting? 

In heated moments, with piles of situational stressors upon you, it’s one thing to try to react less and another to do it. 

My guest is an executive coach for female leaders and has the anecdote for that. We’re diving into how you can step into her power: yours. 

Retired? Stay with us. You run the home, you influence 85% of household decisions, you’re CEO of your life and health. And if you’ve worked a day in your life you know the hardest thing about any job is communication. So it is with any relationship. So whether you’re working, you worked at home, or you’re retired, you’ll find a juicy nugget for you, and for your daughters in this one. 

My Guest

Dr.Sharon Melnick, PhD is an executive coach for women leaders who shows them how to be heard, stop second guessing, and use their power to create change.

Her approaches are informed by 10 years of Psychology research at Harvard Medical School. She’s coached/ trained 40,000 professionals at over 50 Fortune 500 companies and numerous start-ups and women-led companies, and presented at conferences worldwide (including at the White House, West Point, and the United Nations).

Her new book about how women can use their power to advance their career and end disrespect is titled In Your Power: React Less, Regain Control, Raise Others, available now for pre-order. She is also the best-selling author of Success under Stress: Powerful Tools to Stay Calm, Confident, and Productive when the Pressure’s On. Dr Melnick enjoys hosting the Power Shift podcast.

Questions we answer in this episode:

05:05 What does it mean to be in power and why do we need it? 

11:33 Can you describe what it feels like for a woman to be in her power? 

And what behavior would be true of a woman out of her power? 

What are common mistakes do women make that keep them out of their power? 

21:10 A lot of times I see that we react to situations, why do we do that and what can we do instead? 

What can we do to get back in a positive place? 

23:30 What does being in  power have to do with fitness and exercise? (or diet and lifestyle habits like prioritizing sleep?)

28:11 When you say ‘use our power’ what way can we use it? 

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