2 thoughts on “How Much, How Often, and How Long to Lift Weights?”

  1. Cyndy Jacobsen

    Is cross fit then a good option? At least at the beginning, I am unable to do 10 reps of some of the exercises. I am 56. ‘Loved your article. Cyndy j.

    1. Hi Cyndy,

      Whether or not a program is a good option is all about whether it’s good for you, right now or not. A program is as good as the instruction and the fit with your goals. To begin any program being unable to do 10 repetitions is too heavy. You first need a foundation for your joints and ligaments, along with what we call the neural connection – when your brain is rewiring to send a strong signal to the right muscles to fire, in order to avoid injury later.
      So my recommendation would be back off on weight if you’re a beginner and choose moves without power (no speed) until you have a good base. You can always do more later. If you start too soon, however, a chronic injury sets you back and may prevent you from reaching your goals. It’s a marathon not a sprint. Hope that’s helpful.

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