Are you exercising and it seems like…nothing is happening?

Have you been trying to lose weight or get toned and aren’t seeing results?

Making time to exercise is a big deal, and something to be proud of. But when you exercise and STILL don’t feel like you’re making headway, it can be really discouraging.

It’s easy to want to give up, or blame your “slowing metabolism as you get older” or feel like you need to push harder.

The surprisingly simple answer is right here.

It’s not intuitive. Most of what you’ve heard in the media about weight loss, dieting and exercise isn’t correct.


Once you understand the three things working against you, the strategies about how to win become clear.

If you thought that because you’re older, less active, you needed less protein, you’re in for a surprise.
You’ll learn why it is exactly opposite of the science in The Protein Report.

The right amount of protein at the right time together with your exercise program can make all the difference.

A quick glance at the facts about muscle loss and how some women can hold onto muscle easier will help you start being one of them!

Take a peek at my free “Fat Loss Cheat Sheet”: 5 Facts About Muscle Loss (that results in fat gain).

I’ve turned these 5 facts into 5 solutions for you to flip 50 with the toned, firm body and the energy you want.


You CAN win as you get older…it’s not a slippery slope.


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