Questions About Gaining Muscle and Strength for Women Over 50

Recently I shared a study about the loss of muscle (sarcopenia) during menopause and since, questions about gaining muscle and strength over 50 have been pouring in. In this Q and A episode I’m answering them. They’re split, about half are about exercise and the other half are about the protein that you seem to know you need.

There’s confusion about how to juggle intermittent fasting, getting enough protein, and whether fed or fasted exercise is best for gaining lean muscle. I’ll try to answer many of your questions. I by no means think this is a one-and-done episode that will eliminate any questions!

And in fact, like my junior high teacher told me when my hand kept shooting up, questions mean you’re thinking. Statements suggest you think you know it all. So, keep asking and as you read more science, or you’re scrolling Google or social media, you are bound to find conflict. 

You can choose to say, “I don’t believe that” or you can choose to establish your own theory/hypothesis based on science and then conduct your own research. You can weigh, measure body fat and lean muscle and see for yourself. You know if you’re sleeping better or worse. You know if you’re energy is higher or lower. You know if you’re getting stronger or not. 

From the data your body gives you, you make a shift. So, I’ll share answers here based on the research I’ve shared across books, podcasts, and blogs for years and link to some episodes where you can find more on how to measure and protein needs. 

Let’s dive in!

menopause workout

10 Questions About Gaining Muscle and Strength

 What is the best frequency for gaining muscle and strength now? 

  •  Is there a limit to protein intake? 
  •  What is the best routine for gaining lean muscle tissue? 
  •  How do we know how much protein we need? 
  •  Can collagen support muscle and strength? 
  •  Is it possible to build muscle after 60? 
  •  I’ve heard you say Whey protein is not optimal, why and what are the other options? 
  • How can I juggle intermittent fasting, resistance training, and protein needs? 
  • Does a high protein diet help burn fat? 
  • When I either can’t eat a meal or get enough protein, in a day are supplements a safe way to add?

Gaining muscle and strength after 50 and 60 and beyond are definitely possible. Make one change at a time. It’s often easiest to begin with exercise.  

Additional Resources:

Stronger: Tone & Define (open limited times a year: check here!)

Body Health Essential Amino Acids

Want more about gaining muscle and strength? 

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2 thoughts on “Questions About Gaining Muscle and Strength for Women Over 50”

  1. I am confused about when you would use amino acids? I thought I read in the facebook group that it would be helpful to take them everyday in the morning on days your workout to make sure you get enough protein. Is that not the case?

  2. Hi Carren,

    What you thought is not the case. You want the same amount of protein every day based on what you weigh or your ideal body weight if you’re not there. You still require the same amount of protein to boost muscle protein synthesis – more so actually on days you don’t lift.

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