The Flipping 50 Cafe Membership

Have you read dozens of fitness and wellness books, magazines and cookbooks?

Do you have a stack of them beside your bed right now?

Have you tried dozens of fitness programs and diets?

Are you more than a little overwhelmed by the abundance of conflicting information coming at you every day? And frankly too tired to act on any of it?

Have you exercised or consciously taken care of yourself for years but find what you did once isn’t working? Or maybe you never made time and now you’re noticing a shift in weight or energy you don’t like?

If you answer yes, we have a lot in common. I am a self-proclaimed fitness geek. I like to soak up the science so that I can use it in my next workout and find foods that really are good for me – that taste good. I’m 53. I turned my entire world upside down at 49. So I went through major life changes, five in all, at a time when my body was about to go through major life changes. And I know from readers I’m not alone. When what you’re doing stops working and life is going at mock speed you don’t have time to research, read, do due diligence on what works, and what’s snake oil.

Wouldn’t it be great if everyone could have a private coach?


Who Is It For?

  • You have been through Flipping 50 coaching programs.
  • You’ve been a student of the online After 50 Fitness course.
  • You’ve done the 28-Day Kickstart.
  • You’ve coached privately with Debra. You’ve coached in live small group courses.
  • And you are looking for an accessible way to surround yourself with other women who are on the same journey, bumping into and overcoming the same kinds of temporary obstacles.
  • You are a do-it-your-selfer for the most part and still enjoy the regular access to a support system and super-cool experts who love what they do and walk what they talk.

I created a place where you can come for consistent connection to tools and practices to keep you engaged….a place where you can get new recipes that fit the science of eating well, knowledge that helps you physically take care of your body better, and insight from my functional medicine network of friends who keynote on stages all over the world.

It’s where you can come for a shot of caffeine in your clarity, an expresso way to a challenge that will re-engage you, and exact exercises you need to stay freshly motivated. It’s a place where you can fill your leaking cup back up.

As a Member, Every Month You’ll Get…

The Flipping 50 Café is a monthly subscription that helps women stay consistent on the path to look good, feel great, and avoid the trap of settling for “acting their age” with easy access to downloadable webinars to watch or listen to while you exercise, monthly wellness challenges, recipes from celebrity friends, and an online community so you’re surrounded by others stopping into the Café who are just like you.

Every month I’ll share new content based on the research I’ve been doing (my inbox is groaning daily). You can keep up with what’s real, what’s to consider, and what’s probably false without having to read for hours and live on PubMed.

One never-before published webinar that will share new hot research topics focused on your wellness and fitness that I’ve never addressed before the same way. I use research, pack it with 30 years of application, and spin into practical tips you can use. If you don’t like to sit in front of a computer anymore than you have to you have the listen-only [while you’re exercising?] option. 1st Wed each mo 5pm MST

One new challenge and a daily calendar that will help you focus on things that reward you with energy, improve your nutrition, enhance your sleep, reduce your stress, or boost your metabolism. Some, in fact do all those things.

A new set of recipes with an emphasis on hormone balancing, anxiety calming, sleep-enhancing, craving-killing foods that fit Paleo, but you don’t have to be Paleo to enjoy. They have to pass the yummy test before they make the cut. You can have your kale and dessert too. [non-dairy, non-soy, gluten-free, and many offer a vegetarian twist or you can substitute plant-based protein easily]

Access to me live with office hours. Once or twice a month I host hours when I’ll be available for a call or live FB chat so that you can get answers to your questions live and even get coached around a challenging habit change or obstacle you’re up against.

A community of like-minded sistas in our Private Facebook Group. Here you can share your questions, answers, successes, and challenges. You’ll find uplifting support from other members of the group and you can tag me if you have a question you want me to see right away. Say, you read an article or hear your trainer say something you need clarity on. It’s a perfect post.

Live workouts with me (weight training and interval training) in the Private Facebook Group PLUS select special gifts of program videos in your online members-only area.

Q&As live with me in the Private Facebook Group. I jump in and do live coaching around special challenges especially during challenging months like holidays.

Special coupons and bonus content. As a Café community member you’ll get 50% off select digital courses and a sweet 25% off a one-month supply of all  protein shakes for every month that you’re a member.

Along with That, You’ll Get…

Plus, quarterly, an audio recording of an expert interview. Every quarter I’ll chat with one of the rock stars in functional medicine and wellness. We talk about emotional eating, happiness, how to break a cycle of self-sabotage, adrenal and thyroid health, and more. My super-savvy big-hearted network of friends and colleagues will be your new network.

Plus, one SOS call every quarter. If you need help cleaning up your pantry, restructuring your exercise routine, getting a reboot, that’s what your SOS call is for. You’ll have access to Debra’s calendar to book your SOS call once a quarter.


Why would you want to become a member?

It gives you clarity. You are not lazy. You’re probably confused. This gives you one voice to listen to and it’s not about a “diet” or a single “exercise plan,” its about finding YOUR best plan by learning how to listen to your needs.

It gives you inspiration. We all flounder sometimes. Life gets busy. You get stressed. This will pick you up when you need it and remind you of simple steps to stay on track in crazy times. It will help you override that little voice of doubt.

It saves you money! You need protein and you get steep deals on that and all digital products while you’re a member.

It’s like having Debra as your Private coach.

It’s an easy way to get information you can trust to make decisions about what works for you. It’s clear science-based information you can relate to.

You’re getting great recipes to support what you’re doing.

A bonus when you start the Café – One of my most popular webinars – Chewing the Facts About Fat:  Eating It, Storing It, and Burning It (a must-watch for every savvy, Flipping 50 woman)

I’m Debra and I’m your barista. Here’s the dirt on me. Read it. You should have confidence in any voice you’re going to listen to.

How It Works

We deep dive once a month live on webinar the first Wednesday of each month at 5pm MST (7 CST, 8 EST and 5 PST) for a webinar (call in is available if you prefer audio only).

Don’t worry if you can’t attend live. Recordings will be added to the member area so you can access them at your convenience.

All the resources will be there: recipes, recorded monthly calls, quarterly guest expert calls, and the monthly challenge where you can download them.

Here’s what each monthly webinar/call will include:

  1. a hot highlighted topic
  2. Q and A time (you can send them in advance if you know you can’t attend)
  3. live coaching

That’s it. What are you waiting for? Click now and let’s get started!

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