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Finally, an effective way to get a flat belly...without back pain

Introducing the Flat Abs, Better Back DVD with Debra Atkinson

Are you frustrated with belly bulge that wasn’t there yesterday? Or that’s finally to the point you have to do something about it?

I want to show you that that most of the things you might have been led to believe are wrong… and they are getting in your way of getting the best results possible—and easier, with less effort than you thought.

(This DVD includes 4 of the 23 workouts in in The Whole Flip digital)

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Let me bust some of the limiting beliefs that may be going through your head right now.

You’re not too old for a flatter belly.

You’re not too lazy or unmotivated.

Belly fat is not an inevitable part of middle age or menopause.

You don’t need a personal chef, personal trainer, surgery, or hours in the gym.

It doesn’t take hundreds, or even dozens, of abdominal exercises.

It doesn’t take exercising hours a day, or even hours a week.

You don’t have to starve or constantly diet.

You aren’t doomed because you have a lower back injury.

You don’t have to settle for a “slow metabolism.”

Debra Atkinson

There are a couple things you’re being told that simply aren’t true.

No core exercises are going to burn your belly fat. (Mine won’t either.)

You’re not “torching calories” during exercise (especially abdominal exercises where you are on the floor breathing normally).

You can’t seriously get a flat belly overnight or in a week…especially if it didn’t get here overnight.

$24.95 Just $19.95!

Here’s what is true you’re not being told:

A strong back and strong deep core muscles together are the start to a flatter stomach.

Crunches and sit-ups cause more risk of injury to your lower back, and your neck, and less reward for your abdominals than safer things you should be doing.

The stronger your core the longer, faster, and stronger you’ll move…all of which help you boost fat-burning and get rid of belly fat… for good.

The food you eat is as important (maybe more) as exercise for flat abs.

When you start exercising your core better, your digestion will get better too.

You can train your body to burn more fat and store less fat at your age.

A true “fat-burning program” teaches your body to burn more fat around the clock.

When your body burns fat all over better then you’ll begin to see results.

A fat-burning program for women approaching 50, 60, or older has to thoughtfully consider stress hormones that are already wacky, joints that need extra attention, and the dance between wanting great results and not wanting to be injured.

And that is what The Whole Flip is all about. If you want the complete Whole Flip right now, so you get the complete 23-exercise video set, then just skip reading the rest and click here.

If you’re limited by your lower back, and belly, and your current approach has not been working….

If you want to start small with one thing to focus on …

Then begin Flat Abs Better Back with me now.

An investment of only $24.95 gets Flat Abs And Better Back delivered right to your door!

$24.95 Just $19.95!

You’ll receive all this….

Frequently Asked Questions About The Whole Flip

*Most exercises require zero equipment. You’ll want a big exercise ball and a couple paper plates to complete the advanced exercises. Nothing too technical or expensive!

You have options – and can modify for your needs. A firm surface is best for the lying exercises. A firm bed will do. There is a standing exercise video included too. You can do some exercises against a wall or seated in a chair to modify. We’re here if you have a question.

Your safety is our first concern. Check with your doctor before beginning a new exercise program. When you’re cleared for low back and core exercises these will be a good compliment to walking or water walking exercise. You can focus on the recipes to help reduce inflammation and enhance healing, without worrying about gaining weight while you’re unable to do more.

I’ve spent over 3 decades researching, teaching, coaching, and living a fitness lifestyle. I’ve got a B.S., M.S. in kinesiology and exercise psychology, and numerous certifications. I present internationally to fitness associations (I train the trainers), and I have authored 6 books.

So what? What’s even better is, I get you.

I’m 58 and I know the changes the female body goes through personally thanks to an abundance of hormones! I’ve worked with women from teens to women in their mid-90s and everything between. I’m an expert on the exercise & hormone connection and on eliminating the joint pain obstacles and preventing risk of injury.

What works for a 30 year old or even a 40 year old does not work for a 50 or 60-year old woman. Not because you’re broken: you’re not. It’s because when hormones or wear-and-tear change the rules to the game, you simply need to change the strategy. You can win again. Ready to start?

$24.95 Just $19.95!
Nothing will be rebilled on this offer, ever. Just pay a ONE-TIME low rate of $19.95 ! This DVD alone is valued at $24.95, and it’s my way of introducing you to The Whole Flip complete digital series so you can start Flipping 50 too.

What Others Are Saying About My Workouts and Recipes:

I feel like I’m 20 again! Ok well maybe 30! LOL

I don’t have any cravings. I have to remind myself to eat! I have this crazy amount of energy now…

I thought this would be very hard but I thought, you know best [and]… I feel so great!

I haven’t even followed everything according to the law but I’ve learned so much, am so much more aware and feel so much better!

I started this to lose weight and get my body back. I got my life back!

I started this to lose weight and get my body back. I got my life back!

I want to thank you again for an eye-opening experience.

During the first week, I already lost 4 pounds! And an inch at my waist and two under my bra line!

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Your satisfaction is always guaranteed.

If you’re unhappy with this Flipping 50 product, return it (cover the shipping) for a refund. Just contact us at [email protected] within 30 days of your purchase about where to send your return and no-questions support. 

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