It Takes MORE Than Hormones To Fix Your Hormones

If you’ve been a long-time listener, and you’ve heard episodes discussing hormones, and hormone therapy options to fix your hormones stay put because you haven’t heard this.

No one has talked about this on Flipping 50 before. In all the episodes I’ve discussed and similar discussions about micronutrients I’ve had with clients, it’s never come up regarding how to fix your hormones. So, stay tuned. 


And if you have chronic fatigue and think most doctors don’t get it, we’ll erase that thought before we’re finished if not by the time I introduce my guest. There is something to be said about the understanding of a professional who has the science and training, but also is able to put that into practical steps with the empathy that comes only from knowing… from a “I’ve been there” place. 

Exercise will be a part of your healing, though not the first part. Movement will be a bigger part to start. When you are ready for more, a 5 Day Flip may be a starting point with 5 days of short exercise sessions. 

We’re talking about something we haven’t discussed in over 2 million downloads and 9 years of Flipping 50 podcasting. 

My Guest:

Yvonne Karney, MD is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of The Global Institute for Vitality Renewal, an organization dedicated to helping people live their whole lives with energy and focus.

As a gynecologist by original training, she has over 2 decades experience helping women. Her journey into Functional Medicine started with her personal struggle with chronic fatigue. At one point she had to close part of her medical practice because she couldn’t keep up.

She dove into learning everything she could about healing from fatigue. Through this learning she found her true calling—helping other women with fatigue and brain fog.

Through her proprietary RENEW Method™ she guides her clients through their healing journey to regain their energy and focus so they can get on with their lives and feel like themselves again!


Questions we answer on this podcast:

[04:09] Tell us a little about your journey from a traditional Ob/GYN to becoming a functional medicine doctor?

[06:03] Aside from your personal journey, what were a few of your “aha” moments that made you realize you needed to do things differently?

[07:09] What do you mean by “It takes more than hormones to fix your hormones?”

[09:49] If cell membrane damage is the problem are there things we can do to repair the cell membranes?

You’ve mentioned that 3 of the most common concerns you see in your patients during the menopause transition are fatigue, weight gain and brain fog, and you think they are all connected–what do you mean by that?

[15:03] You’ve mentioned that toxins are often responsible… what about low level exposures that don’t reach the level of concern by the EPA?

Connect with Yvonne:


Dr. Yvonne’s Social:



Resources Mentioned in this Episode: 

[18: 23] EWG- Environmental Working Group:

Additional Resources: 

Stronger: Tone & Define:

Beat fatigue with 

Or make energy-boosting meals easy with smoothies: 

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