The Fitness for Women Over 50 | Flipping 50 TV Episode Guide

The fitness for women over 50 TV guide is here! I’ve heard from so many women who have found Flipping 50 TV and love a particular episode, or love them all and can’t choose! It makes me ridiculously happy to know I’ve delivered valuable information in a way that both helps immediately and long term.

The thanks goes right to subscribers who’ve sent me their questions and challenges. The episode topics are all selected based on what you’re struggling with and goals you have right now. We choose based on the popularity or frequency of a particular ¬†topic. Sometimes we select knowing that a topic is often forgotten and not addressed enough.

I appreciate each and every question submitted even if we haven’t been able to use them all! We’re constantly seeking the next season and new ways to reveal how to live better longer. You still got it girl, you really do!

See a preview of the Flipping 50 TV guide below? You can click here to download a pdf to save on your computer if you’d like for the live links. Alternatively, just use the episode recommendations and head to Flipping 50 TV to select your episodes.

Fitness for Women Over 50

At Flipping 50 I focus on exercise for fitness for women over 50 based on a few key truths:

  1. what will have the biggest influence on metabolism and hormone balance
  2. the most time-efficient ways to do that
  3. a measure of risk:reward ratio of exercises
  4. a knowledge of the most common complaints, injuries, and reasons women see a physical therapist midlife and beyond

Inside every episode I use those guiding principles and science-proven strategies to support women being the best they can be at every age. It’s for women not willing to settle and willing to change.

Thanks in advance for sharing with your friends and family who will benefit too! Surround yourself with people on the same path, or even a little ahead of you! I always become a little stronger biker riding with stronger bikers. I become (well, intimidated) a stronger swimmer by swimming in a pool beside world champions in Boulder.

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Circumference outside of both arms, at the armpit

Right Triceps
Halfway btwn shoulder & elbow, arm extended.

Find the widest point of girth at the hips

Right Thigh
Standing with weight on both legs, measure halfway between knee cap and hip flexor

Right Calf
Standing with weight on both legs, find the largest point of calf.

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Measure from the rib cage just under breasts at bra line

At the belly button/umbilicus

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