Exercising with Arthritis on a Budget: Episode 9

This episode of Flipping 50 TV is all about arthritis and exercise and using the pool as your playground. I also discuss how to reduce inflammation through changes in your diet by eating foods that turn inflammation off, and avoiding or eliminating foods that turn inflammation on.

Inflammation Causing Foods

Download the simple checklist to see what your inflammation food score is now.

inflammation-checklistEven foods you think of as “healthy” may cause inflammation. It is important for you to start defining “healthy” uniquely for you. Yes, we can all agree that processed and packaged foods are not good choices compared to whole food options. Yet, even some of your whole food options may not be agreeing with you, if you have an autoimmune disease. Exercising with arthritis gets easier if you’re already more comfortable.

Exercise with Arthritis

If you are ready to “dive” into exercise and to feel better, snap a picture of this chart and keep it handy. Movements you wouldn’t even consider on land can become comfortable in the water. The simplest movements in the pool can help with your mobility and strength and will help you to feel better when moving on land.

Click the image for a JOINT-FRIENDLY Strength & Cardio Option

Flip of the Day:

The more comfortable the movement, the more you are going to want to move and the more you move, the more comfortable the movement will get.


I’d love to hear from you:

Do you have arthritis? What is the hardest for you, exercise or nutrition?

Are you exercising with arthritis? Or need to start? Need an exercise program easy on the knees?

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