Exercising with Arthritis on a Budget: Episode 9

Today’s episode is all about arthritis and exercise using the pool as your playground. You can also do much to reduce inflammation by changing your diet. Eat more foods that turn inflammation off, and avoid or eliminate foods that turn inflammation on.

Download the simple checklist to see what your inflammation food score is now.


Even foods you think are “healthy” may appear on the inflammation “on” list. It’s important for you to start defining “healthy” uniquely for you. Yes, we all can agree that processed and packaged foods are not good choices compared to whole food options. Yet, even some of your whole food options may not be agreeing with you if you have an autoimmune dis-ease.

If you’re ready to dive into exercise and feel better, pin this chart! The most simple movements can make your entire exercise session! Movements you wouldn’t even consider on land can become comfortable in the water!


Do you have arthritis? What’s the hardest for you?

Need an exercise program easy on the knees?

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