Exercise for Weight Loss (Before or) After Joint Replacement: Episode 23

If you’ve had a knee replacement, you’re headed for one, or you’re trying to avoid* one, this is your episode. The guest question today is from Von who had both hips and both knees replaced. With limitations it can be hard to know what to do safely to either avoid pain or avoid damage to the new joints.

*If you’re experiencing significant joint pain and trying to avoid* surgery, be cautious. When you’re trying to continue exercise or moving about your life you are most likely compromising elsewhere in your body. If you have a knee joint issue, for instance, what may happen is lower back issues or hip or ankle issues as a result of your compromising. Even shoulder issues are not uncommon because the body will do whatever it needs to so it can have balance. Chronic pain in your body is a message. Consider your options and make the best decision both for now and later.

Muscles in Minutes



Exercise Solutions for reducing stress on joints

A stationary bike or a Nu-Step can be good non-weight bearing options. Be aware that a good bike fit can make all the difference and an upright or a recumbent bike may work better for you. We’re each built different and every injury is different.

If you’ve begun with little base of exercise and do 10 or 15 minutes you want to progress. Slowly increase your time by 2 minutes a week…. Until you’re at 30 -35 minutes 3x a week. That’s a good foundation of aerobic activity.

Then focus on options that make exercise fun and give you some variety. A pool is always a good option if it’s available. Water walking, jogging (suspended with a belt), or actually swimming will allow you to safely use resistance of the water to further develop your aerobic fitness and do some safe resistance training as well. We focused on these do-anywhere exercises on the show! Watch episode 23 to see (and do) the exercises!

  • Boxing
  • Weight training – arm exercises you can do
  • Leg exercises in a standing position – lift to rear and hamstring curl

Minute Made Meals & Pantry Raid

In order to lose weight with limited exercise (or for full on exercise, for that matter!) you have to have the best nutrition choices available. If you’re making some of the common mistakes I go over in the show getting results will be hard! Clean out the pantry…NOW!

With the right foods available you make it easy to do the right thing and you’ll feel so much better. Move the chips, popcorn, and sugary items out. It’s not that you won’t ever have a treat, but when you start putting better fuel in you will get off that addiction and need for foods that make you store fat and deplete your energy.

P.S. Your achy or painful anything…is an indication of inflammation. The right foods help decrease inflammation. The result? You’ll feel more like moving! These are the “flips” Von needed. How do your daily habits stack up?

Flip: High carb breakfast for a high protein one…

Flip: sugary sports drinks for water with lemon, add a little stevia for a simple lemonade

Flip: popcorn, chips, and nuts, and cookies for veggies and hummus or fruit and almond butter

TIP: The fat, fiber, and protein will kill your cravings for sugar.

The Key Flip of the Day

When you have limitations – time, or physical conditions – look for the solutions you CAN do. There is always an option.

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