Science that Makes Exercise Essential for Menopause Health

If you don’t already know dozens of reasons that make exercise essential for menopause health, you may after this episode. I want to share with you 5 powerful quotes directly from the American Journal of Lifestyle Medicine.

Then I’ll tie this to the physiology of menopause.


If any pill or surgical procedure had the same positive effects of exercise, it would be the most widely prescribed medicine in the world.


“In fact, it would be malpractice not to prescribe it to every patient, every visit, regardless of medical specialty.”


“It is recommended that physical activity be recorded as a vital sign, just as other modifiable risk factors are routinely assessed (eg, blood pressure, weight, smoking)”


While other determinants of health (genetics, environment, and medical care) influence health outcomes, by far the most important factor contributing to health outcomes is individual lifestyle and behavior.


A 2015 article from JAMA Internal Medicine states, “There is no medication treatment that can influence as many organ systems in a positive manner as can physical activity.”

This science wasn’t written based on menopause.

It was based on the obesity and physical inactivity “pandemic.” Not the one in 2020 but the one that began about the time Snackwells experienced its birth. Yet everything in this (and other research studies) applies to menopause.

This is a point in time you’re either going to choose to get and stay healthier or by not exercising properly, you’re at risk of accelerating the rate of aging and disease.

The Right Exercise Essential for Menopause Health

These are all quotes directly from the American Journal of Lifestyle Medicine and it cited numerous papers published in 2007 and 2009 related to this Exercise is Medicine™ joint project between two prestigious organizations.

In the first 5 years, platforms were built. Likely millions were spent. But still not much has happened.

Here we are with less than 20% of all women lifting weights at least twice weekly. For women in menopause, strength training properly could significantly impact at least 7 of the most common symptoms experienced by midlife women. Muscle is an endocrine organ.

Only 32% of patients receive advice from their physician or other health care professional to exercise or to continue being physically active during their visit with a physician.

Only 12% of medical doctors were required to take any course related to exercise during their medical education.

The answers are there. But no one is coming… to help a doctor have more time in an appointment, to help a fitness trainer develop a relationship with a doctor so they can be trusted and used as a referral.

It’s up to us. To you. To me.

We’ve done much harder things. Advocate for yourself. It’s right there.

You are just one workout away.


Source: PMID: 32922236


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