Should You Eat or Fast Before Exercise?

Should You Eat or Fast Before Exercise?

This is such a commonly asked question in the wake of the popularity of fasting it’s asked more often than ever.

I’m always going to defer to you on this one. I’ve got clients who just need to eat. I’ve got clients who say they can’t eat before exercise because they’re not hungry, but who don’t have energy during early morning workouts.

I’ve got clients who do best if they eat before high intensity exercise but not low.

SO the bottom line on this one is you need to experiment.


Should you eat or fast? It’s unique to you.

If you can exercise, you’re high energy, the perceived exertion is not higher when you haven’t eaten, then by all means, you can fast.

But if you feel weak, feel like your usual speed or weight is more than you can do when you don’t eat, then you will benefit from a better workout if you eat.

That way you feel will translate for you into either optimizing or sabotaging your results and potentially your blood sugar. No one can make the choice whether to eat or fast for you. If you feel as if you need to eat following this rule will help you:

Before High intensity – carbs are what your body will prefer.

Before low intensity endurance (think long hikes or rides)– fat or protein will be okay especially if you’re training your body to burn fat. or Fast before exercise


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