How Can DNA Testing Improve Your Fitness?

DNA testing and genetics are the topic of conversation these days. For good reason. If you know what your genetics are you know how you can change their expression. That means you can make sure you optimize expression of good genes. You can also choose behaviors that suppress negative genes. There are so many areas like sleep, nutrition, fat storage, and exercise that influence your genes.

Could you be exercising wrong for your muscle type? What if exercise that got you results could be easier than it is now?

If you’re exercising but not getting results, it may not be the right way for:

  • Your hormone status
  • Your muscle composition

You see we all have both fast and slow twitch muscle fibers (and some fibers that don’t know which they are) and we can have some adaptation if we train a certain way.

But… we’ll have the most success and get fit the quickest and most enjoyable way if we exercise according to our body’s preferences.

So, even if you’re in the middle of a STRONGER program or exercising to The Whole Flip and you’ve got your weeks planned out, you could potentially have an easier time of it if you tweaked a few things.

If you’re using hormone therapy and still not seeing results, or you choose not to use hormones in favor of natural ways of balancing and that’s not working, you may want to dig into your genes.

Flip your exercise program so it reflects your DNA disposition.

Case Study of DNA-based training

Becky has more fast twitch fiber so she’ll do better with weight training, intervals, and complete rest days. Before she knew that she was trying to exercise most days of the week and never really feeling recovered. She had gone a little too far keto for her body’s preference too. She required more carbohydrates (at the right type and timing) to support her recovery. She did well adding smoothies for additional protein (at the right time) for her fast twitch fibers. Once we confirmed it she also added Vitamin D to her supplement routine regularly. (D helps boost fast twitch muscle fiber).

She’s feel more “fit” and experiences less of that hit-the-wall kind of tired.

If you are more predominantly slow twitch, like me, you’ll do better with endurance training and some, but not a great deal of strength training. On your rest days you’ll do better moving somehow. We want to look for those activities that are recovery – like swimming, walking a golf course, short bike rides or yoga.

You definitely want protein in your diet, too. Well-timed smoothies support your lean muscle maintenance. You don’t have the look of “muscle” but you will have more overall definition with adequate protein.

Curious about your DNA and interested in a test & consult?

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Which DNA Testing Option?

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If you’re interested in what your genetics tell you about your optimal exercise, motivation, and nutrition for results so we can customize your fitness program further, message me about a combination DNA and review of results session. We can look at DNA specific to weight loss, nutrition, performance, or endurance.

In an upcoming post I’ll share more about lab tests that can shed some light on why your program may not be working right now.

Whatever you do, remember that you’re not learning your limits. You’re learning how to remove them.

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