Core Challenge for Strong, Safe, and Centered Fitness

Join the core challenge!  Simple and fun.  Just add your name and best email below.  With your At Home Core Exercise cheatsheet, you’ll have over 35 exercises you can do, right from the comfort of your home!

Welcome to the Core Challenge episode!

Is your core challenging? It’s time for a core challenge!

The what, why and how of core exercise after 50 (or at any age) is the topic of this short episode.

This really isn’t an episode as much as it’s an INVITATION. If you’re on track for core exercise and you “get it” great! If you need some support, join the core challenge by adding your name and best email below.

I’ll give you the access to the free At-Home Core exercise chart. You’ll have over 35 exercises you can do – all but one at home – and possibly that one too depending on what you have to use.

Putting them together for daily 3-5 minutes gives you infinite variety and diverse ways to use your core muscles. You can use it as a reference with me or on your own. You can use it now and forever.

If you want some guidance – and some fun! Join me. I’ll be adding some live videos to encourage you and demonstrate and answer questions.

Plus… we’re going to make a friendly competition and game out of it. I’ll send lucky winners who participate books and even special short coaching sessions live with me 1:1.

What are you waiting for!

Join (I’ll announce it there!)

And… or go to to join this core challenge specifically!

Can’t wait to see you there!

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2 thoughts on “Core Challenge for Strong, Safe, and Centered Fitness”

  1. This is not working. I add my name & email then check my email and do everything it says and it keeps coming back here.

  2. Debra Atkinson

    Hi Lynn,
    Sorry this is happening for you. It looks like you’ve gotten a couple other podcast cheat sheets and we’re testing the campaign now to find out why you’d be having trouble with this one. It actually looks like you have gotten several emails (maybe you added your name and address multiple times?) and you have even “clicked on the email with the Core Challenge in it. Do you want to reach out to [email protected] because it looks like you’ve been given the cheat sheet (and opened those emails each time).

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