How to Choose the Best Athletic Shoes

How do you choose an athletic shoes? 

One of the last things you might consider before you start an exercise program is what shoes you should wear. However, your feet are your foundation and if you don’t get this right every joint upstairs could suffer. 

In this episode learn how to choose athletic shoes so that you are the most comfortable and supported throughout your workouts and look forward to lacing up.

  • Know your feet
  • Know the activity
  • Try on a few pair

Then, I recommend you buy more than one pair and rotate their use if you can. 

Your Feet:

  • Flat
  • Neutral
  • High Arches

Ideally, you choose shoes for the activity you’re going to do most. You don’t have to have a shoe for every activity but some activities  have distinct differences. Choose the best athletic shoes to give you the strongest foundation.

Special Foot Issues?

If you’ve got special foot needs you want to choose an athletic shoe more carefully:

  • Bunion? Get a wide toe box.
  • Weak ankles? Get a wide heel base.
  • Plantar fasciitis? You may want to look at a heel cup.
  • Arthritis in the big toe? Extra padding.
  • High arches? You may want additional arch supports.

There are also orthotics you may want to consider. A podiatrist will advise you on them and create a mold to have them made for you.

Three brands of athletic shoes often recommended by podiatrists:

  • New Balance
  • Saucony
  • Asics

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