Cellulite Exercise Solutions for Flipping 50

It’s good bye to the Wellu After 50 Podcast and hello to The Flipping 50 Show. It’s a new launch, new look, and new expert interviews and content you request every week to make your second half your best 50!

It’s hello to summer and goodbye to cellulite, too. Get the scoop on this four step process to reducing this stubborn fat.

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2 thoughts on “Cellulite Exercise Solutions for Flipping 50”

    1. Debra Atkinson

      Hi Jeremy! Thanks. We use a variety of stock photos, professional photos of my clients, colleagues and my self – whenever we can use a real photo of a real person -our first choice. Any one photo could have come from a number of sources. stock unlimited, fotolia, istockphoto… not to intentionally be illusive. We search for the right image a long time if we haven’t taken one ourselves. There’s a huge need for images of women over 50 -another thing we’ve discovered in our mission to serve women in the second half better!

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