Age Your Way | Women Over 60 Become Calendar Girls

I say calendar girls and you think…? Unless you’ve watched documentaries recently, it’s not likely what you’re thinking. 


The love of dance and glitter bonds an unlikely group of 60-plus women in Southwest Florida – the Calendar Girls. But under the veil of fake lashes and unicorn horns lurks the deeper truths of what aging women face within society.  Sisterhood, love, loss – all come into play in this uplifting film about trying to age on your own terms and refusal to become invisible.

My Guests: 

Calendar Girls premiered at Sundance this year, and has since then played at over 40 festivals all around the world and opened theatrically in the US this year. The film is made by first time-filmmakers Maria Loohufvud and Love Martinsen from Stockholm, Sweden.

Questions We Answer in this Episode

  • First – why this film, how was the idea for this documentary born? 
  • Why you – why was it important for you to share? 
  • What is your purpose and mission in producing it yourselves?
  • What have you learned from the movie’s reception? 
  • What was your creative process? 
  • You told some personal stories within – were the actors actually the members and the family members real people or representatives, and how did they feel about telling the story ?
  • What’s next for you? Does the story of the Calendar Girls have life beyond this group now? 
It’s no recreate we’ve shared recent episodes exploring ageism and we will link to that as well. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this concept? I’ve found mixed feelings among women who’ve viewed the documentary. Some feel that this doesn’t respect older women, who agree they still want to feel sexy and attractive, but don’t like the “outrageous costume” as one woman put it. Some said more power to them if they love it, others said it made them look ridiculous. 
No matter what your feelings or whether you’d be motivated to participate, there’s no denying there were real life issues and relationships highlighted here. What are your thoughts? 





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