Flipping Brain Health Fundamentals for a Healthy Brain Over 50 | #518

Episode: #518 We all worry about keeping cognitively sharp until the end – and dementia, Alzheimer’s, and other neurodegenerative conditions are at all-time highs!! Let’s explore how the stress, restrictions, and general behavior changes of the last almost 2 years have affected brain health.

My Guest: 

Teri Jaklin is a licensed naturopathic doctor and certified functional medicine practitioner in private practice for over 20 years. Prior to becoming an ND, she spent 10+ years in the frantic world of corporate public relations where she learned first-hand what 70 career hours per week can do to you and your health. On top of that, she has lived for the last 36 years with her own diagnosis of multiple sclerosis. Now, Teri is committed to bringing the new brain science together with natural medicine and unprecedented support to change the way her patients experience MS and live an amazing life beyond the diagnosis.

Teri is an enthusiastic student of the healing power of nature, and a person’s ability to access their own health potential and shares this regularly in her lectures and public speaking. Over the last 2 years, Teri has moved her practice online and developed a unique program called Transform MS to help people with MS stop their symptoms and feel in control again. 

Questions we answer in this episode:

  •  What are some key things that we need to know about our brains?
  •  How has brain health been potentially impacted by the recent past the pandemic, quarantines, isolation?
  • What can listeners do to invest in a healthy brain for life?
  • Listeners may struggle with brain fog, lack of focus, and concentration due to menopause, how are the things we’re discussing today related to solving those kinds of issues? 
  • What about so-called brain health exercises? 
  • Are there foods or supplements you recommend? 

“Exercise is the most important supplement for your brain.”

-Teri Jaklin

3 Basic Brain Supplements: 

Omega 3 

Probiotic 50-60 billion or higher if issues 

Vitamin D

Mentioned in this Episode:

Rada Agrawal, founder of Daybreaker (you want to know her!)

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