What Is Best Way to Do Core Exercise After 50? Flipping 50 Reader Question

Searching for the Best Way to Do Core Exercise After 50? This reader question I’m answering today will help you make the most of your exercise time. (and reduce injury)

Good luck! Seriously, that search alone brings up videos prepared by a potluck of sites and experts and people pretending to be experts on TV, or at the least YouTube. And there are mistakes. Unknowingly, the instructors actually give advice and cues that counter the goal of core exercise. 

Your goal is to brace. You want those muscles to stabilize. Avoid cues (and instructors that use them) that suggest you draw your navel to your spine, and suck your belly in, or hollow. No. 

1) in a way that has an optimal risk: reward ratio

2) mimicking what the core does as primary function

3) less core isolation and more core integration – as in focusing on it while doing strength and cardio work

4) with variety of moves

5) Longer to shorter holds and more challenging to less challenging so you can maintain good form

For now, link to my core challenge– dozens of exercises you can do to add variety to your routine. Come back and learn more about the best way to do core exercise after 50 next week. 

In a full length episode of Flipping 50 show next week I’ll be sharing an interview with physical therapist Martina Young from Boulder, CO. I frequently talk about core because it is such a commonly asked question. 

That episode about the best way to do core exercise after 50 will link to three video demonstrations that upgrade your core options.

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