5 Simple Steps to Balance Your Hormones

You’re going to want to grab this new book. I’ll just say it straight up! Dr. Brooke Kalanick joins me to talk about her new book, steps that balance your hormones. She’s got a title that is just badass!

About Dr. Brooke:

A licensed Naturopathic (ND) and Functional Medicine doctor, Dr. Brooke attended Seattle, Washington’s Bastyr University. She earned a Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine and Masters in Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine.

Dr. Brooke’s postdoctoral training in women’s health and functional endocrinology as well as her personal battle with PCOS led her to specialize in female hormone issues. Those include menopause, hypothyroidism (including Hashimoto’s), autoimmunity and endometriosis and of course, PCOS.

She helps women reset their hormones, their heads, and their habits, so they can finally feel at home in their bodies.  She is also the co-host of the Sarah & Dr Brooke Show. Plus, she’s co-author of Hangry: Balance Your Hormones and Rediscover Your Joy In Five Simple Steps (St Martin’s Press, June 2019).

Questions we cover in this episode:  

  • What’s the first step to take when you feel overwhelmed with all the health, diet and fitness information out there?
  • What do you suggest our listeners do to filter the plethora of advice out there and determine whether it will work for them or not?
  • Why do women specifically need to take a full body or complete hormonal system approach to their wellness, even more so than men?
  • Why did do you put estrogen and progesterone imbalances at the bottom of the priority list for women since those are obviously key female hormones?
  • What sneaky hormonal disruptor are many women unfamiliar with yet may be struggling with unknowingly? (histamine intolerance)
  • You and I both place such an importance on managing stress and cortisol for better overall health! What advice can you share about making that easier?
  • And don’t miss R.A.M.P.

Get the book:


Connect with Dr. Brooke on social

Facebook and Instagram @betterbydrbrooke

Link to the podcast I did with Brooke and Sarah at Better By Dr. Brooke


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