6 Secrets to Less Stiffness and Muscle Soreness After 50

Experiencing a little soreness with your spring training? Don’t pass it off as being older. Don’t even pass it off as having worked too hard. It may be your diet. You can reduce your soreness and recovery quickly after workouts or a big day in the garden.

The easiest way to reduce stiffness so you can exercise more (and enjoy it) isn’t always intuitive. Simple changes in what you put in your mouth plus a few key changes in your exercise approach can make the biggest difference. Use these six tips to feel better faster and keep moving.

Avoid inflammation-causing foods

  •             Sugar (and foods that turn to sugar easily)
  •             Dairy
  •             Wheat
  •             Gluten
  •             Omega 6 fats

Increase anti-inflammation foods

  •             Omega 3 fats – avocado, salmon, chia seeds
  •             Cinnamon
  •             Bright colored veggies full of phytochemicals

Find your exercise sweet spot

Too much or too little exercise both leave you stiff.

Plan your exercise

When you’ve tested or while you’re testing your exercise sweet spot, create a weekly plan (better yet a monthly plan) and stick to it. Avoid the feel-like workout. That is don’t do more because it feels good. Don’t skip because you don’t feel like it. I do compromise when you complete 10 minutes and you still don’t feel good, it may be the sign of an illness coming on or a need to rest.

Soak in Epsom salt

The magnesium absorbed through your skin may help you relax and sleep better which will help reduce stiffness. The warmth of a bath can also support relaxation in the muscles.

Take fish oil

Omega 3 fats in your diet by way of foods like avocado and salmon mentioned above are fantastic. Boosting your Omega 3 intake with supplements may help even further. As an extremely active person (or one who wants to be!) I take 1200 mg am and pm. Brain, muscle, and bone benefits are well documented and clinical studies show use of 6-9 grams left no side effects. Check with your physician if you’re uncertain about fish oils for you.

What’s your level of stiffness or muscle soreness? How do you relieve it?

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