5 Fat Burning Research Studies for Women Over 50

Fat burning after 50

Is fat burning after 50 possible? Yes.

Trickier than when you were 20? Yes.

How do you burn fat, and lose weight without increasing cortisol, making it all backfire on you anyway? Not in the traditional ways you’ve been taught to be sure.

The biggest fat burning mistakes women make are:

  • exercising more
  • exercising harder
  • doing both of the above simultaneously
  • not resting enough
  • doing more of the same thing that’s not working
  • eating less
  • depriving foods, restricting calories
  • eliminating many micronutrients

I’m hoping that by seeing that list you see that those attempts are often futile and have been for you too.

Five fat burning studies I’m sharing here will give you hope.

Fat burning studies I share with you today include:

  • two on the effects of phytochemical on fat oxidation, aka, fat burning
  • one on the effects of interval training (and some insider information about fat burning without burning out first!)
  • one on how to increase fat burning hormones and decrease fat storage hormones with responsible intermittent fasting (RIF)

Last, I share with you information about the how and why Fit-U was designed. A plan that dumps you off at the end without any idea of how to continue or progress is just wrong. A plan without allowances of unique individual response to foods, exercise, or daily habits, is setting you up for success.

I want you to “get it” and not to be co-dependant after you work through this. I hope you might continue to want to work on something.. but to have these basics under your belt! I hope you have new goals and next goals. Bigger goals that make you grin. Unlike fat loss goals that make most of us grimace. I’ve heard women declare they’re doing a race or taking a trip but never once have I heard an excited woman say I’m going on a fat loss plan. We just don’t brag about that. I want you to have goals you can’t keep quiet about.

Seriously, if you’re ready for a seriously good summer, register now and let’s do it.I’d love to coach you this next two months.

If you’re on the fence about joining Fit-u and you’re a show-it-to me girl, me too, I get that. I’d love for you to watch this webinar to get more clear on what you can do for fat burning after 50 and how to dump your old ideas about it!

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