3 Pillars of Fitness & Metabolism After 50

Getting and keeping fitness & metabolism after 50 are challenging before you figure out the tools you were given in the last few decades don’t serve you anymore. There are three pillars, or balls you’ve got to juggle in order to make it all work for you. In this episode I share all three and give you examples of each pillar. They each play a big part in your metabolism after 50.

The 3 Pillars:

  • Hormone-Balancing exercise
  • Joint-friendly exercise
  • Mindset mastery

Hormone balancing exercise can look very different than the exercise you did in your 30s, or even the exercise you think you need to do now. Whether you’re exercising or you’re just wasting energy feeling guilty because you’re not exercising, this pillar is so crucial.

No two women going through peri-menopause, menopause, or post menopause need the exact same exercise. We’ve all got different sign and symptoms that leave the clues about what kind of exercise you specifically need and when you need it. You may be one of the women who need to stop exercising for a short hormone reset.

Your fitness and energy will respond positively if you’re listening to signs and symptoms. If you’re fighting your way through it instead of responding to your own needs you’ll potentially slow your metabolism. I share the hormones responsible for that inside the episode. Metabolism after 50 isn’t all about more exercise and less food, in fact, it’s the opposite.

Joint-friendly exercise is a must for most women (and men) flipping 50. Even if you have no major complaints right now you’re likely very aware that you want to stay active and pain-free. I share a list of joint-friendly favorites in the show that the metabolism after 50 whether you’re starting or an athlete. The thing is you’ve got to go through that list since there’s no one-size fits all.

Mindset is last but oh so important and not least! Mindset in fact, is likely the hardest thing you’ll tackle in changing your habits so that you can change your metabolism after 50 for the better.

Resources mentioned:

Take the You Still Got It, Girl quiz

Watch the Flipping 50 TV episodes for joint-friendly exercise

If you’ve got more than 20 lbs to lose watch

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