Your Quickest Fix for Eliminating After 50 Gas and Bloating

Eliminate the Trigger for Gas and Bloating

It’s a dirty job, but someone’s got to do it. As a fitness instructor, I’ve had a lot of women with a lot of gas in my presence. I’ve been the victim. Who hasn’t? Certain foods just don’t agree with us. It’s unpredictable sometimes: an illness, an antibiotic, stress, or just being on the other side of any of those has likely changed your gut bacteria balance. You can respond badly to a food that usually is not problematic.

Let’s face it: thinking you might be the noisy one in yoga or Pilates is not going to motivate you to get that regular class in. Those twisting postures can help your reduce gas and improve digestion..but you have to get to class or do them first! Even going for a walk or jog with a friend can be intimidating if you have stomach issues.

Here’s the quick fix for eliminating (is the use of this word here humorous to anyone but me?) the gassy problem.

Stomach fat woman body part.

Reduce your intake of simple sugars and carbohydrates. It’s usually those undigested bits of them left in your colon that your bacteria are feeding off of (the bad bacteria) that’s causing the problem.

Eliminating those processed junk foods will help prevent the problem.

Going slowly with increases in fiber intake will also help you avoid a big unexpected problem when you least need it.

Carefully ingesting foreign (for you) foods is also a must. If you’re a guest, or you’re traveling. Ask.

It May Be Bloat and Not Fat: You Don’t Have to Put Up With It

You can carry a product like Beano. That’s best ingested before a risky food however. Once the damage is done you’ll suffer for a while before an over the counter will help.

Adding some ginger to a smoothie or using pineapple, though naturally high in sugar – it has certain enzymes in it that aid digestion. Yogurt with live cultures can also help if you need a solution.

  • A smoothie with plain Greek yogurt, pineapple, and fresh ginger may provide some relief. If you find it sweet enough, don’t bother to add Stevia, but that’s an option if you need it.
  • In a pinch just grab the yogurt and enjoy by stirring in the fresh or frozen thawed pineapple.

If you’re plagued by gas and bloating regularly, look at simple carb and sugar ingestion or any processed foods with items on the label you can’t pronounce or explain. Safe bet they may be responsible.

Break the rules for a day or two. Don’t worry about getting in all your protein. Try going easy on your diet with gas-reducing foods first. Kale can be helpful for stimulating enzymes that allow your body to fully digest foods better. Try small amounts in a smoothie that’s got some fruit in it. Kale definitely has a strong taste that is hard for some to swallow.

Try massaging kale with avocado and adding as a part or your greens in a salad. Or try making kale chips to munch on in the afternoon as an alternative to eating kale fresh. Tear it and add to soups and chilis. You’ll get less at a time but if you make these regular habits it will all add up.

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