You Want to Exercise But You’re Exhausted: How Will You Lose Weight?

Have you seen a trainer who doesn’t seem to “get you?”

Have you been frustrated with results, only to have someone suggest you work harder or eat less?

Have you got good intentions but yet are so tired you can’t make yourself go exercise?

Worse, have you changed your question from, ‘how can I lose weight” to “will I ever lose weight again?”

There’s hope.

Don’t give up just yet.

If you can change the expectation you have about how to approach weight loss, you can:

  1. get your energy back
  2. get back to exercise again
  3. exercise less (than you may have thought it takes) and eat more (than you’ve been led to believe)

Let’s break down what’s going on with you one challenge at a time.


You’re Exhausted

Energy creates energy, right? So naturally some little voice in your head (that little diva) is telling you that you need to exercise so you have more of it. I hear this so often. Stop! This, I hope will be a big relief. Don’t try to do more than light exercise until you figure out where the fatigue is coming from and what to do about it. No band-aids. And definitely, no pretending that you’re super-human and should just push through exercise because you want to lose weight or a trainer (or just that little voice inside)  is suggesting that you need to work harder.

If you ignore the signs and symptoms something isn’t right with your energy level you could dig yourself into a deeper hole rather than fix the problem.

Why Are You So Tired?

Are you eating well? That has become a fluid term. “Healthy eating” is no longer the same for each of us. What, in fact, you knew as healthy eating in the past, that worked for you (or seemed to), potentially just will not now or the future.

Are you taking in ALL the nutrients you need? Many of the clients I begin working with or consult with believe they are eating a “balanced diet.” I hear these words, “I’ve got the eating down, I just need help with exercise.” If that’s what you’re thinking too, I caution you about diving into exercise that might deplete you further before you really sit down and look at lifestyle habits you have, the diet preferences you have, both of which can deplete you of micronutrients. Looking at several common eating lifestyles (Mediterranean, Paleo, vegan, for instance) and considering the Recommended Daily Intake (RDI), studies have shown we would need to eat an average of 27,000 calories a day to get all the micronutrients we need. That’s at a minimally level, since many experts believe that these RDIs are far too low for todays toxic society and where we don’t just want to prevent disease, we want to thrive.

Are you sleeping well? Your body supercharges with rest and sleep. Literally, you can become an overnight success. Without the right hormones that are produced during sleep, and or the wrong ones that are wanky with too little sleep, your body will potentially never lose weight – fat weight – easily. You may however, lose more lean muscle.

Are you handling stress well? We’ve all got it. It’s not going away. Yet, how we handle it and how we think about it has far more to do with our health outcomes than if it’s present or the level of it. Here’s the trick about stress. It can cause you to become exhausted, or exhaustion can become another source of stress. You see what you have here? It’s the dog chasing the tail cycle. It’s not impossible to break, though, so have faith.

It does take a different approach than our pushing through, sucking it up, dig in societal messages might be telling you.

Your cup, in addition to potentially your gut, may be leaking. We need to fill it back up before we begin drinking from it again. There’s not a short term fix like a better workout routine. It’s not as easy as exercise more, or differently. Not, at least in the first phase.

Woman Working Out on Weightlifting Machine

 Overcoming Exhaustion: It’s More Than Exercise (and Less)

First, remove the lifestyle factors contributing to fatigue. Foods, stress, thoughts, toxins, exercise that leaves you tired instead of recharged are all potential contributors.

Second, add things that begin to build you back up. Identify micronutrients that you are most likely missing. You’re not eating 27,000 calories a day, so it’s fair to say you need to get some support in micronutrient department. A few more hours of sleep a week, or a day unplugged from electronics might help here. Get out in nature.

Third, and only after you begin to cover that hole that’s been dug, begin to exercise and eat in a way that serves you and invigorates you. Once you achieve better hormone balance from the first two steps, you’ll be able to take your results (if you do step one and two successfully you will already have begin to lose weight or have more energy), and go to the next level.

There is a light at the end of the tunnel. If you’ve started down the wrong tunnel, it’s not too late and turn around! Your hormones might be to blame, but it’s not their fault. You can manage hormones with lifestyle changes (sometimes in addition to hormone support if that’s right for you).

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