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Ladies, here are the answers to your most-asked health questions.

Why aren’t you losing weight when you’re trying to do everything right… and why if you’ve never had a belly fat problem you do now… this is the definitive answer to how to eat, exercise, sleep and deal with stress so that you harness the power of your hormones for optimal energy! You still got it, girl!

Thirty-plus years of working with women (often women 40+, even when I was in my 20s) has shown me the most frequently misunderstood and mis-communicated information.

The mission of this book is to provide clarity, eliminate confusion, and one-by-one identify habits that will get you on track to the clothes in the back of the closet.


You’ll get action steps to:

  • Discover what your body wants to eat
  • Identify exercise that makes you slim instead of tired
  • Sleep better than a baby
  • Stress less about everything
  • Rest right and at the right time
  • Harness hormone power for a leaner you

This is not about “perfect” or “skinny.”

It’s about better.It’s about head-turning confidence. This is not a quick fix…it’s a science-based, thousands-of-clients-proven solution to loving life now and decades to come. 

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