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Tips on exercise for fabulous workouts after 50

Is Your Workout Costing You Muscle, Bone, and Metabolism?

What if your workout is costing you muscle bone and metabolism? How easy it is to be swayed or confused by information if you’re not asking the right questions. During research for a master class recently I came across an article that prompted this post. My hope with this post is two fold. 1) You’ll

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13 Reasons the Right Exercise Matters More in Menopause

During menopause you’re more susceptible to negative effects of stress. Avoid the wrong exercise (that will worsen stress) and do the right exercise and you can reduce or eliminate symptoms of menopause. There are at least 34 symptoms associated with menopause. This short list of 13 pesky symptoms can be supported by the right exercise.Hot

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Hot Weather Skin Care I’m Loving Right Now

Hot weather skin care problems? I get you. I’ve got answers. This post is filled with my favorite way to pamper my skin right now. Hot Weather Skin Care Solutions If all the talk about masks has got you crazy, this post will come as a welcome reprieve. I’m a mask girl. One of my

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Truth About Women’s Fitness in Menopause | My TEDx Talk

Women’s fitness in menopause is a hot topic. This is what I shared in a recent post when I began to spread the word about my TEDx talk: I think I just threw up a little bit. That’s how I titled my post. Here’s why. My TEDx Talk Story Let me tell you what happens

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Should You Do Barre Classes or Barre None Over 50?

Are barre classes more than a trend? Will they truly give you a dancer’s body?In this post I’m going to tackle a topic that may alienate me from you! That’s not the goal! My goal and mission is to point out the connection between what you want and what you’re doing to help you decide

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Stretching Exercise

Truths About Women’s Weight Loss After 50

The truth about weight loss after 50 is we’ve got to kick some of those lingering old ideas to the curb. Whether you are trying exercise, diet, or wisely, both, some of your strategies may need a 21st century change. 1) “More” Exercise is Worse Especially when you take the old school eat less, exercise

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Workouts for Women Over 50 | What’s a METCON Workout?

In this post I’m discussing workouts for women over 50 and defining a term that has been around yet may be just making it’s way to you and conversations of workouts for women. If you’re a Crossfitter, you may have heard of them. Here’s the answer to what are they, why do you care, and

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Best Books for Women Over 50 | Escape Summer of 2020

I’ll admit Best Books for Women Over 50 may be a slight exaggeration. But I can say these recommendations were without a doubt recommended by the best. I made a plea based a soon-to-be-naked nightstand and here were the results. >>Download the list instantly.>> Flipping 50 Community Book Recommendations Recently I asked (and you answered)

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Menopause Exercise: The Depression or Well-being Determinant?

Wonder if your menopause exercise prescription makes a difference? It turns out your hormone ride during menopause deems exercise more necessary than ever. Your hormones reveal more than your likelihood to store belly fat or hot flash. Brand new research published in the Menopause Journal says your likelihood of being depressed or feeling positive lies

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affordable exercise equipment

10 Best Affordable Small Exercise Equipment for Home in 2020

Everyone is exercising at home right now so what’s the best small exercise equipment for home? I’ve selected 10 ways to solve your biggest exercise challenges. First though, I want you to know that I never start with a prop. I start with goals, condition, and limits. I recommend you do the same. Be clear

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Should You Lift Weights Every Day? What’s Best for Your Metabolism?

Should You Lift Weights Every Day? What’s Best for Your Metabolism?Should you lift weights every day?This post answers this question I get regularly enough that I need to clarify what is “lifting” and what works.Especially now, while we want routine and a channel for the adrenaline. There’s never been a better time to focus on

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Flipping 50 Women's Retreat

How to Get (and Stay) Motivated to Workout After 50, 60 and 70

You’ve been alive long enough that there was a time we thought exercise was optional. You were around when Jim Fixx wrote The Complete Book of Running, and also when he died running. Then Kenneth Cooper wrote Aerobics and opened his clinic, and Covert Bailey wrote Fit or Fat. It used to be just the geeky

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