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Tips on exercise for fabulous workouts after 50

When Workouts Cause Midlife Weight Gain | Women Over 50

Experiencing midlife weight gain? It could be your workouts aren’t helping you, in fact, are hurting your goals. I’m not addressing the minor gain of a couple pounds that’s possible for any new exerciser. That’s true due to micro tears in muscle that occurs during exercise that causes some inflammation. It’s generally minor and happens

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Flipping 50 Spring 2022 Women’s Retreat Arizona

You’re Invited: Flipping 50’s 2022 Women’s Retreat in Arizona “Women in midlife are the most powerful health influencers in the world.”For women, one of the hardest things is often making time for self. Then when it’s time, you may not know what to do. Or what you’re doing may no longer work.I’ll help find what does.

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4 Tips to Start or Restart Exercise After Time Away | Women Over 50

4 Tips to Start or Restart Exercise After Time Away (For Women Over 50) Anyone reading this who hasn’t ever had a break in the action probably isn’t really flipping 50! Whether it’s illness, injury, family matters, travel, busy business times… we will all have times when if not completely, we need to step away

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Flipping 50’s Holiday 2021 Gift Guide & Black Friday Event

‘Tis the Season! Holiday 2021 This little “pop-up” holiday 2021 shop is for browsing healthy holiday selections or New Year adventures. I share a few of my favorite things, and a few of the special things we’re doing at Flipping50 in 2022, too. You’ll find more favorite things here, and more recipes to sip, spoon

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What Does ONE workout Do to Your Body? | Women Over 50

You’re ONE WORKOUT AWAY!! If you love immediate gratification, this is for you! If you need a little motivation for putting on the tights, lacing up the shoes, getting a little breathless, or starting that weight workout… consider it done. You’re welcome. Some of these are under-the-hood, and others are right now, baby. More on

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5 Myths About Strength Training: 5 Reasons Now is the Time

Warning! If you believe any of these myths about strength training, my goal is to turn your thoughts before you’re finished listening. If you’re here, happening to read the show notes, and you’re not strength training, I made this with you in mind. But, there are three other women that I want to reach. Are you

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What Happens to Your Body During a Workout?

What happens to your body during a workout? Well, pull up an exercise ball and I’ll tell you. You’re going to like it. In this post, I’m answering these questions: Are you one workout away from a better mood? What changes does a single session of exercise make? What happens to your brain and body

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Why Your Fat Loss Slows No Matter What You Do

Fat loss slows… 1. When you eat meals and snacks  grazing through the day. 2. When you over exercise – even if it doesn’t feel like a lot – and you’re already exhausted, or “under fueled.” It’s a concept called energy availability. If you don’t have any, you’re creating a status not conducive to your

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Training Women Different in Menopause or at Any Age

Training women different than men is an absolute must. This post originally appeared in Facebook on the Flipping 50 page. I share it here so that it has more longevity. There is some much-needed information here that you need to have. I’ve been “behind the scenes,” in every possible aspect in the fitness industry since

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The Ultimate Guide to HIIT in Menopause (and Beyond)

In this Guide to HIIT in Menopause it’s important to consider that there are different phases of menopause and that each woman’s journey is unique. The best way to gage your own need is to monitor your signs and symptoms. Hot flashes and night sweats are the most easily identified symptoms, but 34 symptoms are

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