Tips on exercise for fabulous workouts after 50

Home Workouts vs. Gym | Home Sweat Home?

What’s better, home workouts or gym workouts. Yes. I could argue for both. Ultimately you have to weigh in on the weight training location that makes the most sense for you. How a Gym [...]

Over 50 and Eat Healthy, But Need Help with Exercise?

“I eat healthy. I just need help with exercise.” “I’m not consistent. It’s mostly because I’m not sure what I’m doing.” Does this sound familiar? This post is for you if you’ve felt exercise – or [...]

Stop Sit Ups and Save Your Spine

I struggled to post this. If you’re hanging on every word and post (hi mom) you may have noticed I’m about 12 hours later than usual. I couldn’t put my finger on why exactly. I [...]

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