Create a Menopause Workout Plan for Guaranteed Success

Got a workout plan for your fall success? This year, let’s face it we’ve all been regrouping, pivoting, and course-correcting. Has your workout been a stable presence? My promise in the title may sound big. Yet, if you have a plan you can assess it, adjust it, and keep improving. Without a plan you’re not moving forward with any predictability.

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Plan the Work(out): Work the Plan

You’re going to want to save this! This is the exact recipe I use to design my own workouts, my clients, and programs for Flipping 50 students. For a detailed blog (link in bio).

Here are all the parts!! You’re welcome! Tell me in comments… YES, got a plan, or ALMOST, working on a plan! and tag a friend! Challenge her to plan and help keep each other accountable!


  • Moving warm up – elevates your core temp
  • Functional warm up – gets your right and left brain connected, supports different planes of movement (so you rotate, extend, flex and move laterally)
  • Main set – your strength or your interval “workout”
  • Core – if it’s not built into your main set, 3-5 minutes of targeted core
  • Cool down – this too is a 2-parter; you stretch yes, AND you move for about 5 minutes to begin clearing lactate and you’re already making your next workout better.


  • 2 (or 3) Strength Training sessions
  • 1-3 Interval Training sessions
  • Most days do some mobility (stretching)
  • A full rest day

There are important details about planning these pieces! Wait 72 hours between strength sessions. Do full body workouts (not crazy split routines that make you have to lift so much more often and get fewer results) Think metabolism baby!

And… when you first add intervals… 1 time a week for a couple weeks. Short sessions. Add a 2nd later as you feel good. Guess what? Your joints and ligaments don’t care that you want to burn fat faster. If you don’t treat them well and let them adapt, you’re going to be injured not svelte.


Look at life. Alter that weekly plan as needed. Structure gives you freedom though, right. There’s no falling off the bandwagon and getting run over by it. You’re just course-correcting as you go.

Quarterly and YEAR PLAN:

This is where you begin to realize what you do today fits the dream and image you have for yourself next year. What would SHE do? Today matters.

You too have an “in season” and “off season.” Maybe summer is when you’re most active, changing your activity.

Let’s not forget the season of COVID19. But let’s move on. You’re now using a new plan fit for this season. Working out at home, mask-free and safe. You need to consider whether you’ve got more stressors as you plan your work and recovery.


REST comes first. Put “R” recovery in that calendar! 

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