12 Reasons Why You Should Try a Women’s Retreat

Wonder if you should try a women’s retreat? What’s all the hype? They’re everywhere from girlfriends, to work, to fitness and health. And that’s what I’m talking about in this post. Thinking about it seriously? Don’t delay. Check out the details here and then contact me about any spots left.

#1 A retreat is a catalyst for change.

Out of your usual environment and away from your daily habits you have a chance to get clear on a personal concern, weight, performance, or a healthy living reboot.

#2 Win the weight.

Learn what’s different about weight management after 50.

A personalized food plan, exercise, and lifestyle habits that meets your needs now – and a way to assess as hormones change it. It’s not calories in calories out, you’ll be able to take a personal look at your relationship with food and rules and realities.

#3 Identify food facts that have changed.

The physical details about the type and the timing of food you eat and how you move matters.

Knowing what to eat when, as well as what to avoid is the start of feeling good more often. You’ll review the way food messages your body.

#4 Get ahead of the times.

Mindfulness and mindset are going to be buzzwords in 2020.

We’ve got a head start on it at Flipping 50. You will learn how to tap into your emotions, thoughts, and look at what that has to do with your physical health status.

The power of psychology and placebo contributed the body you have today. So while you need the list of groceries and pantry raid items to toss, it’s how you think about every aspect of doing that determines how they’ll affect you.

#5 Create a plan for your year.

Keep moving all year with a GPS ready to navigate new changes in your schedule, your goals, or your hormones. You’ll learn how to assess your current status and create a plan that supports balance of hormones.


The Flipping 50 2020 women’s retreat all happens Thursday evening until Sunday afternoon January 30th – February 2, 2020 in warm sunny Scottsdale, AZ.

Arrive in time to meet the group at 5pm. Wear your cowboy boots if you’ve got them. For 25% off for a limited number of last-minute registrations I’m holding two spots! You can use TREATME25

#6 A just challenging enough hike.

Friday’s hike will be worth the short trip to get there.

You’ll want your Camelback and an extra water bottle too. Temps are nice and cool early and just nicely warm as the sun rises. You’ll be tested by endurance but it’s doable by anyone who’s been either following the plan (or regularly doing a combination of regular cardio and weight training).

#7 Self-assess, self-adjust.

You’ll learn what your self-assessments suggest about your exercise, nutrition, and daily habits.

Then you’ll be getting weight training session foundations so you can lift all year with the right body mechanics – and have a set of things to focus on for best improvements.

#8 Learn.

Learn how to identify your body type, muscle type, hormone status, and integrate these with your goals your schedule and what you really want.

Put that together with clear values or passions so that you truly want to follow through on actions that get them.

#9 Amazing food and selections all Flipping 50-approved.

Friday evening’s dinner together will be wonderful food and you’ll have time to stroll around after if you choose to in a delightful people-watching retail area of Scottsdale.

#10 Beautiful hikes.

Saturday morning’s shorter hike will have a bit more climb and then you’ll spend time in a fusion of Pilates and Yoga, (pack your yoga mat or bring a towel) opening up the hips, shoulders, and chest while you align and strengthen your core.

Then you’ll learn how to self-assess and continue to adjust your strategies

#11 Enjoy Tex Mex food.

Saturday’s group dinner will be a Southwestern treat of Flipping 50-approved choices.

#12 Say good morning to sunrise.

Sunday you’ll be hiking again with a last look at the beautiful Arizona sunrise and end in time for wrap up questions before you need to check out (ask for a late one).

Plus, Private time with Debra is available (either Thursday afternoon or Sunday afternoon)– with advance notice if you want to focus on your personal strength training needs or dive into a review of your labs or something else you need to create a plan for your best 2020.

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