Win a $400 Blendtec! We’re giving 40 away!

We’re giving away 40 Blendtecs (worth $400 each), at each city on the Breakthroughs Live tour, coming right up!


Enter to win, and get immediate access to:


1. When my friends, 40 Wellness celebrities and bestselling authors, are coming to your town! (Have dinner with my celebrity friends!)


2. Automatic entry for the $400 Blendtec giveaway in each city. (An amazing whole-foods tool for anyone serious about their health!)


3. A FREE viewing of the Health and Happiness Breakthroughs Short Film!


When you enter, you’ll see all the cities the tour comes to, and you can learn about the many New York Times bestselling authors on tour.


Each has an incredible message of overcoming challenges and discovering something that made all the difference in achieving huge success or optimal health.


The first city is SACRAMENTO, Mar. 7—and the famous drummer Tommy Igoe is going to have the whole audience in a breathtaking drum symphony. We can’t wait!


Come to the tour with my coupon code for $40 off, take40off, and experience your own breakthrough……to be the healthiest and happiest person you know!


With wishes for you to be as excited about your health as I am,



P.S. If you’ve been here you know…I don’t promote anything I don’t use or anyone I don’t know. And these people are my “it” people. I plan to be on stage with them next year and I’ll be in meetings with some later this month. If you want answers to health and wellbeing for longevity we are all invested in finding a better future free of chemicals and medications and built around whole food, realistic moving and functional medicine as it’s needed (with the first two we think there will be less of a need!)

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